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With spring on the horizon it means nights out on rooftop bars, enjoying a day at the ball park or an outdoor drink after-work. It also means the chances of someone pulling out a smoke/stogie go way up. Now it’s normal to “name drop” what you’re smoking, in cigar speak that usually means referencing Cuban cigars. But the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean also offer great smokes. Check out what goes into your cigars and what other countries have to offer. It will help you choose cigars that suit your taste buds.

Dissecting Your Cigar

The Wrapper: Wrappers do more than just hold tobacco together. They’re made from dried tobacco leaves and their taste can add to your smoking experience. According to TopHatTobacco.com what affects the wrapper’s flavor most is where it’s grown. Sun-grown wrappers will protect themselves against the heat by becoming thicker in both width and veins. This creates a stronger and sweeter taste as natural sugars and oils develop when exposed to the sun.

Shade-grown wrappers are covered with sheets while growing. CigarTrends.com notes that this results in a smoother texture, fewer veins, less oils and sugars in the leaf. The result is a lighter color and milder flavor.

Smoking Cigar

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