The Bowery Film Festival will be shining the spotlight on a diverse group of filmmakers with their “Latinx, Female Gaze & LGBTQ+ Visionz” film showcase. The showcase features an array of filmmakers from all over the globe telling unique stories in their own perspective for audiences to behold.

Running from Tuesday, November 19, to Thursday, November 21, the Bowery Film Festival got it’s start as an extension of the seven-year-old Katra Film Series. Another film fest that goes down every year at the Alamo Draft House in Brooklyn.

“I started the Katra Film Series on Bowery in this place called the Katra Lounge, and I got the idea stuck in my head about doing the Bowery Film Festival. [Bowery] is a very progressive and historical neighborhood,” Bowery Film Festival co-founder, Geoffrey Guerrero, told ‘LLERO. Guerrero added, “I met up with my partner, Kenneth Anderson, who was one of the filmmakers I had met at Katra, and I pitched him the idea. We sat down, put our heads together, and made it happen. And, we’re now on our second year.”

Bowery Film Festival

For the fourth season of the Bowery Film Fest, Guerrero says that the plan was to continue their tradition of showcasing filmmakers from communities that don’t typically get their just dues in the mainstream film industry. Whether they’re from the Latino, African American, Asian or LGBTQ community. However, this year they put even more emphasis on their mission with the “Latinx, Female Gaze & LGBTQ+ Visionz” showcase. This will take place at Teatro LATEA on Wednesday, November 20, between 8:30 – 10:00 p.m.

“We have a large selection of films by Latino filmmakers being highlighted at the festival. We have at least eight or nine by Latino filmmakers. We have 41 films in total, which include webseries, music videos [and] feature films,” noted Guerrero.

Shekinah Glory

One film in particular that the festival co-founder pointed out is Shekinah Glory.  It follows filmmaker Kristopher Burke’s battle with bone cancer. A battle that unfortunately he did not survive. However, his filmmaker friends, Joshua Eichenbaum and Nicolas Luna, felt that the story needed to be told. Dedicating their time into editing together the many clips that Burke had left behind, Luna and Eichenbaum produced a powerful, thought-provoking work of art.

Me 3.769

Another film is the short film Me 3.769 by Elaine Del Valle.  Me 3.769 tells the story of a pubescent, 10 year-old, Latina girl who, looking forward to her body maturing. Yet she soon has to cope with sexual abuse by someone she trusts. Other films showcased at the “Latinx, Female Gaze & LGBTQ+ Visionz” block include PAROUSIA, directed by Miguel Garzón Martínez. A film that explores the relationship between man and faith. As well as How To Fold A Fitted Sheet, a lesbian comedy directed by Tony Clemente, Jr.

For Guerrero, giving platforms like the “Latinx, Female Gaze & LGBTQ+ Visionz” showcase is crucial in today’s world. “We don’t see enough of these sort of films. I feel like when you go to the movies you don’t see that many films with Latino or the female perspective or the LGBTQ community. It’s very important. Especially nowadays in the world that we’re living in,” he said. “If we can showcase these films, and give these filmmakers a safe space to showcase their work, then, it can get seen and help launch their careers.”

Wild Projectz + Awards

In addition to the Visionz expo, the Bowery Film Festival will also host a Wild Projectz + Awards block. Featuring projects with hilarious takes on toxic masculinity as well as life in New York City. The showcase, is on Thursday, November 21, at the Wild Project Performing Arts Theater. It features a short film titled Adams, directed by Tom Stern, and some notable comedians Patton Oswalt and Fred Armisen.

Don’t miss out on these and many other must-see productions featured at the Bowery Film Festival. To cop tickets, visit Also, for aspiring filmmakers interested in submitting work for consideration for the next Bowery Film Festival. Simply visit Submit your film production by Dec. 10, 2019 the latest!

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