Latin trap and professional wrestling officially meet in “Quien Eres Tu”. Bad Bunny has recruited WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin for the video of his latest track.

In the video we see Bunny and cohort Chucheto pulling up in a giant truck to a road stop diner in the middle of the desert. The bikers inside immediately realize these two ain’t from around here. Before trouble can ensue, the two high tail it out. Only to be pursued, when Bunny pulls a secret weapon out of his truck. Enter Stone Cold Steve Austin, who proceeds to open a can of whup ass on the foes. Once complete, the two share brews the Stone Cold Steve Austin way. Then Stone Cold inexplicably opens can of whup ass on Bunny.

Directed by Fernando Lugo and Benito Martinez, the video is good fun, yet once again shows just how mainstream reggaeton and Latin trap are becoming. As well as how Bad Bunny is pushing artistic boundaries as to what is possible. Check out the visual here.

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