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Brianna Garcia-Colace and Nicole Garcia-Colace have always had a flair for competition. Better known to their fans as The Bella Twins, the Mexican-Italian duo have taken their love of competing and winning and made a name for themselves as WWE Divas. The 29-year-olds, who came on the pro-wrestling scene in 2007, have been using their “twin power” to tag team during matches and are still going strong. After taking a year off the two are back, bearing all in a new reality show, Total Divas. In the show, fans get an inside look at the drama, the glamour and the romance that goes on in their lives both in and out of the ring.

On the heels of the show’s premiere ‘LLERO sat down with the beautiful gemelas to discuss romance, championships and what they love most about Latino men.

‘LLERO: Where did you grow up?
Brie: We were born in San Diego, California then grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. After Scottsdale High School we went back to San Diego because that’s where our family is all from.

E! Brand Shoot - Season 2013

‘LLERO: How did you get your start in wrestling?
Nicole: Brie and I were competitive soccer players for 11 years so that’s where we get that athletic and competitive background. And when we were younger we just always aspired to be entertainers. As children it was something we just loved to do. So, after a few years in college Brie saw the Divas Division and she was like “Oh my God, this is athletics and entertainment we’ve got to do this!” So we entered Diva Search and from then on wrestling became our passion.

‘LLERO: You left wrestling for a little while and then came back. What made you decide to return and get involved with the series?
Brie: We just needed a break. The great thing is right when we decided to come back is when WWE Divas decided to collaborate with E! and do the Divas show. Obviously, the Bella Twins would be perfect for that. We’re private people but at the same time we don’t mind opening up and exposing some parts of our life.

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