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Movember is nearing its close. So for those looking to lose that mo grow’ meet your new secret weapon to a smoother shave: shaving oil. If you’re prone to razor burn – which for Latino men with thick stubborn hair, that means most of you – shaving oils help moisturize and protect skin, and prevent nicks and cuts. Their clear formula also makes it easy to navigate around facial topiary for good, clean lines. Here’s why and how to get the most out of shaving oils.

Oil vs. Cream

Previously, shaving oils were used to prep the skin before lathering up with cream. Now, newer oils are formulated to go solo. Specifically they add more moisture and lubrication making the skin softer and easier to shave even more than some shaving creams.

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The Test

Men benefit from using something on their skin whether it is a gel, foam or shaving oil. “It is particularly important that men with course hair use some sort of shaving lubricant, to avoid irritation around the hair follicles, which can occur when there is too much friction while shaving,” says Eric Schweiger, M.D., a New York City-based dermatologist and founder of Schwieger Dermatology. “The advantage of shaving oils is that they allow men to visualize the skin as they are shaving and provide moisture to the skin…so that a razor glides smoothly across and does not pull at the individual hairs, which can cause inflammation around the hair follicles.”

How to Use

Thoroughly rinse your face with warm water. Use the oil sparingly — just a few a drops is all you need for perfect results. Place 2-3 drops in the palms of your hands, rub together and gently massage onto the skin in circular motions to apply a thin, evenly distributed layer on the shaving area. Allow the oil to set for a minute or two so it can soak in and soften hair. For extra stubborn stubble, leave it on a little longer.

What to Look For

Look for products that are all natural with ingredients that come from plants or trees (like sunflowers, coconuts, olives) and that include antibacterial agents (like tea tree oil). Ingredients like these help prevent breakouts, cuts and irritation. Choose a shaving oil that is moisturizing and formulated for the face, and that “it is non-comedogenic or non-acegenic (meaning won’t cause acne),” recommends Dr. Schweiger.

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