As the leaves turn colors and begin to fall you know that the fall season is almost over. You might have also noticed that around this time of year a few of your friends suddenly get scruffier. Well it’s not you. That’s just a sign that Movember is here. That would be the month of November when fellas give their razors a rest to bring awareness about men’s health. Think it’s outdated or silly? Something you have nothing to worry about? Think again ‘LLERO. Here are our top reasons why Movember is important and you should be down with the cause.

You’re Joining a Global Movement

Since 2003 Movember has gone from 30 Australian dudes growing out their bigotes to raise awareness for men’s health, to over 5 million mo bros and mo sistas across the world. It’s also the only time of year dedicated to telling the world about about men and their prevalent health issues specifically prostate & testicular cancer, mental health and physical inactivity. So this is one very large bandwagon you definitely want to jump on.


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