October 4, 2023

The highly anticipated rematch between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin is almost here. After protracted negotiations, failed drug tests and postponements the two face off on Saturday at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The first bout was gentlemen’s warfare, both showed mutual respect in and out of the ring. Yet, it was a slug fest at many times, the rematch has the potential to be more so. Why? According to GGG’s camp, Canelo’s failed tests and refusal to be accountable for them has led to a lack of respect for Canelo. Yet, the bigger question is, will the rematch differ much from the original bout? Here are a few reasons why Canelo may emerge victorious and a few why he may not.

Why Canelo Can Win

More Tools in the Tool Belt
Andre Ward noted recently on ESPN, that traditionally it’s the man with the greater skill set, who can employ a variety of tactics in the ring, that will emerge victorious in a rematch. In this case, Canelo certainly has the greater skill set. He is an effective counter-puncher, can box and elude punches when necessary and above all has the ability to slug it out when necessary. He displayed all of these skills in the first bout. Whereas GGG is more of a one-dimensional fighter, a pure attacker, who doesn’t fight well moving backward. Coming forward is his forte. If Canelo presents different views and GGG cannot adjust Canelo has a chance.

There is precedent for the rationale provided by Andre Ward and he should know better than anyone. Many gave Ward little chance of defeating Sergey Kovalev in their second bout, but Ward adjusted and Kovalev could not, the result Kovalev was knocked out by Ward. If you want to look further back into boxing history, a certain Sugar Ray Leonard was also given little chance of winning a rematch against Roberto Duran. Yet, Leonard changed his style, choosing to outbox Duran rather than go toe-to-toe. We all know how that ended. So there is precedent for coming out victorious.

Father Time
Much has been made of this leading up to the bout. The age difference between Canelo and GGG is 8 years. Of note, is that GGG will walk into the ring at 36 years of age. Which is old in boxing years. Critics have observed a slight slowdown of late, not cutting off the ring as well as he used to. In sports an athlete can grow old overnight. Not beyond reasonable doubt that it could happen to GGG, not likely, but not impossible. Especially is Canelo chooses to slug more as promised.


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