Maybe you have a partner who’s getting a bit frustrated with you. Maybe you’re in a long term relationship that’s felt a bit stale for a while now. And if you’re someone who’s wondering why you’re never the lucky recipient of a second date, it might be time to think about how you might be getting in your own way. 

If you’re looking to be happy with a significant other in your life, there’s a good chance you’re willing to make some much needed changes here and there, and that’s why this post is here. If you manage to read through the pointers below and flip a few switches in your brain, now’s your chance to make a permanent change for the better! 


A Wrong Reaction to Any Kind of Criticism?

We can be sensitive people, can’t we? When it comes to hearing criticism from someone close to us, someone who loves us and likes to be around us, we can feel attacked and downhearted by what they have to say. Of course, sometimes it’s due to the way the criticism is delivered, in a brutal and non-compassionate way

But if a loved one is gentle with what they have to say, make sure you listen to them. Even if it’s critical of you, if you’re able to listen and understand, and then be able to act on what they have to say about your behaviour or attitude, you’re guaranteed to make them a lot happier than they were before! Tell them you see where they’re coming from, and watch as the conversation opens up further. 


Some Bad Habits?

We all have them, and most of us are aware of them – we work with them on a daily basis, and we do our best to break the habit and make ourselves and our loved ones happier in the process. However, sometimes we’re not so self aware, or the habit we have is so hard to break we spend all our time and energy trying to work out how to live with it. And in cases like these, our bad habits can get in the way of our relationships.  

You love your partner. You love being around them, and you want to make sure they feel safe and comfortable with you too. Your love for them might one day drive you to a heroin addiction treatment center, or it might help you to get out and about a bit more, to walk off the comfort eating you tend to do.  

One of the worst parts of living with a bad habit is feeling alone in tackling it. Make sure you reach out to your partner for help with your bad habits, and open up to them and talk to them when you need to. They’ll respect you for it, and feel involved in your life once again.  

Your relationship doesn’t need to have obstacles in it. There’s always a way up or around them, if you look.

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