February 2, 2023

Tired? Don’t look now, it’s not over yet. Topping off the torture is another set of 25 pull-ups. That’s a whopping 300 reps! If you think that banging out that many total repetitions of this grueling workout isn’t enough, try doing it without any rest in between exercises. That’s right sports fans; this routine is performed without any breaks or breaths in between.


So, before you run off to your nearest gym with visions of gladiators in your head, remember one thing: this workout, in its final state, is intense and not meant for newbie gym goers. It can – and should be – scaled down to fit your current training status and then progressively built back up to the final version. One way of altering it is by dropping the total number of reps for each exercise in half. Another option is to substitute exercises with ones that are less taxing, but resemble the same movement as the one being replaced. For example, substitute the box jumps with body weight squats. Both utilize a squatting to standing motion and will work the same muscles. A final way is to simply add a rest period between exercises. To see more of the workout, check out the video below

Remember, this isn’t Sparta. But nothing says that you can look like one of its warriors.

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