August 19, 2022

UFC 254 goes down tomorrow in Abu Dhabi. UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov looks to keep his perfect record intact (28-0) when he squares off with interim champion Justin Gaethje (22-2) in the main event.

Now, given the location Fight Island in Abu Dhabi, be prepared for a way earlier start time. 2 p.m. for the East Coast and 11 a.m. for West Coast. But given how late traditional cards start, it may be a welcome change.

As to the fight itself. Nurmagomedov is the favorite. And it makes sense. He is 28-0 and has struggled little in his MMA career. Yet, don’t count Gaethje out.  He’s got power and wrestling ability (although the latter is often underutilized).  Then there is the mental game.  Gaethje has been active and focused.  While Nurmagomedov has been side lined due to COVID-19 and family tragedies. Our point, he may be a little less focused. This counts in spades in the octagon and could add up to an upset.

UFC 254 goes down tomorrow. Until then, check out the preview here.

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