Last night’s episode of Power entitled “Things Are Going to Get Worse” opens with Ghost the morning after being roughed up by the prison guards. Meanwhile, back on the home front Tasha is prepping her kids on how to deal with their father’s incarceration. In so many shows, the kids are such an afterthought in terms of story, so good to see some real-world repercussions and issues being addressed. The best of the bunch is when her daughter queries Tasha – How did dad get the name Ghost? The pause is deafening.

On the other side of town LaKeisha pays an early morning visit to Tommy. She is still very much freaked out that her business will get wrapped up into the Ghost drama. Tommy puts out the fire (something he spends plenty of the episode doing) and explains that he has to continue laundering money through her business, if there are any abrupt changes the Fed’s will surely take notice, but reassures LaKeisha that he’s got her back.

Ghost and Proctor meet, it’s clear to Proctor that Ghost has been roughed up and counsels him to stay the course. As they strategize, Ghost proposes introducing the love triangle as the angle for his defense. Cut to the Feds who are proposing exactly the same strategy, coincidentally without a care in the world of throwing Angela under the bus. However, through some great mock interrogation both Proctor and Mak respectively put Ghost and Angela through the paces. Showing why such a tactic would be a bust. In the meantime, Proctor advises Ghost to be James St. Patrick in the clink and not Ghost. Maintaining the business man persona is his best chance at freedom. Easier said than done, as Ghost has to continue to fend off predators. The latest in the form of a fellow inmate looking for love in all the wrong places. Ghost quickly puts the kibosh on it. Let’s just say we can’t look at biscuits the same way ever again!

On the street Ghost’s arrest and failure to make bail has the various crews both nervous and ambitious. One of Tommy’s guys – Cristobal is seeking to make his own mark on the game. A development Tommy is none too happy about. His immediate reaction is retaliation, but Julio talks him off the ledge and is dispatched to squash the uprising. Dre has got Truth on lock with a new system to push product reaping profits for the club, Tommy’s biz and his vig. Meanwhile, Proctor is on the attack, trying his case in the press, playing the race card to get Ghost favorable treatment. The prosecution is none too happy and decides to seek a gag order. Tasha continues trying to keep things under control — but it’s not going to well. Tariq is rebelling and Tasha loses it after a TMZ style paparazzo tries to get pics of her and the kids. Tariq calls her out on the hypocrisy. Not a good look mom!

Are mystery inmate from the season premiere makes a return appearance. Turns out his wife is terminal and he’s got to raise some funds for a new experimental treatment. This story line will clearly overlap into Ghost’s world, were just not sure how at the moment. Back to business, Julio’s trying to take care of things, but it’s not going so well. Cristobal’s men get out of control and pop off on one of Julio’s men. The beef gets squashed before it escalates, but not a good look on Julio.  Back at court the prosecution fails to get their gag order. So, they recognize their evidence needs to be on point. Cue to them raiding Truth where the murder weapon is planted by the Feds. Who subsequently discover it during their raid – presto – things are officially getting worse.

Back at Tommy’s, he gets wind of the dust up with Cristobal and how things went down. Tommy is not too happy with that at all. So, he decides to head over to LaKiesha’s to pay her a visit and let her know, biz has to remain as is, but things also heat up big time. Tommy and LaKeisha smash and are officially a thing – meet LaTommy.

Proctor’s man on the inside gets word on the angle the prosecution will take. Love triangle is off the table and Tommy-Ghost drug ring is the angle to be played. Proctor notifies Tommy, so things are officially getting worse for Tommy too. So why not blow off some steam? Tommy pays a visit to Cristobals’ goon and sends a not too subtle message that his organization is not to be messed with. With “Easy Like Sunday Morning” playing in the backdrop Tommy’s message is sent – loud and clear. Then comes a meet up with mom and gives her a heads up that the heat is coming down and to be prepared if things go south.

Back at the prosecutor’s office, word has come down that the DOJ has approved the death penalty. So, Ghost could get the needle if found guilty. A development that sends shockwaves through everyone — Ghost, Tasha, Tommy and even Angela recognize things are at a whole other level now.

The episode wraps with Ghost placing a call to Tommy. Brothers in arms re-connecting, with just one touching request from Ghost – take care of my family.

Episode Highlights

Mak’s response to Proctor’s race card push.
“I love how he’s playing the race card. No one in here is even white.”  

The morning after Tommy and Lakeisha smash, Tommy queries
“You ever play in the snow before?”

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