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Episode two opens with Lyn getting her cardio on. Likely, her way of coping with the news learned on the season premiere, that she may not in fact be an orphan! Meanwhile the Emma and Nico love fest continues to go to higher levels – figuratively as Nico invites her on a road trip – and – literally as Nico also proceeds to get Emma to climax in the tub. The bliss however is short lived, when the queen of good timing – Lyn – interrupts wanting to get to the bottom of the father sitch! Emma is not in a rush. Her reasoning – Eddy is just looking to stir ‘ish up. And so, opens the episode.


Oh Father

Over at Johnny’s, the sleepless nights of parenthood are getting to him. His baby girl was admitted to the hospital with a fever, so he pulled an all nighter, while at the same time trying to hold down the garage. If that weren’t enough, Mari castigates him for his failure to schedule their father’s latest medical testing.  Mari cites the health concerns, yet they undertones are also apparent. Mari and her father are not on good terms, so if she has to handle it there will be drama. When she goes to see her father, she discovers his lifeless body – her father has passed in his sleep.

Back at the bar, Marcos encourages Lyn to at the very least look into her father’s origins. Lyn follows suit by getting some intel from Eddy. What they dug up – a marriage certificate, program of the wedding from church and more. She also learns from Eddy that Johnny’s father passed. When Lyn tells Emma what she learned, Emma claps back “Don’t get distracted by bullshit”. To wit Lyn states “I am not, but it also might not be bullshit”.

After the word breaks of the death of Mari and Johnny’s dad, Mari throws shade at Johnny. In a deflective tactic, she tries to make Johnny’s failure to schedule their father’s test as the cause to his death. Johnny keeps a cool head and focuses on what needs to be done for his funeral arrangements. At the funeral gathering Lyn makes a visit. Yet, upon surveying the scene she realizes she has no place their so retreats.


Home Alone

Nico’s ex, Zoe makes a return visit to Vida to drop some more bombs. Letting Emma know that Nico and Zoe are still married. – Insert Mic Drop. Emma is shook by the development. So much so, she has a hallucination of seeing her mother Vidalia.  

After a failed attempt to see Johnny, Lyn returns to bar. Also shook. She prods Dona Lupe about their father. “You always know everything, not because you talk to ghosts, but because you are in the chisme.”  Dona Lupe confirms, that their father is alive. But also shares that there is a reason your mother did what she did.

Over at Johnny and Mari’s as they wind down the visits by family paying their respects, problems arise. Namely, how will they cover their father’s funeral expenses resulting in another blow up. Once Johnny leaves, Mari finds herself home alone and the gravity of it all hits her and she breaks down in tears in father’s bed.

Outside, Johnny is experiencing the very same when Lyn arrives. She pays her respects to Johnny. More importantly provides him the comfort he so desperately needs, as the weight of his father’s death hits him as well. Namely, his father will never get to meet his baby daughter.

And so, ends Episode 18.


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