September 26, 2020

‘LLERO: What drew you to How to Make It in America?
Victor: What got me to do this was getting the chance to be part of HBO. It’s the most amazing boss you could have. Creatively, they let you do your thing. They’re a studio art family that believes in what you’re doing and let’s you creatively dive in without restrictions. Having the cast that we have, I feel so lucky and so honored to be asked to do this. As well as Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson (producers of the show), that was also a plus because of their track record.

‘LLERO: What’s in store for Cam this upcoming season?
Victor: The stakes are raised for Ben and Cam. At the end of Season 1, they had a little taste of success with the order for their shirts to the Japanese buyers. Crisp makes a bit of [a] splash in Japan. They come off of that and once they get back to New York no one still knows who we are. Anyone who gets a taste of success, it makes them want more and it drives them. We do more creatively…we ask ourselves, “how do we get this thing going?” We meet someone who can really help us take that big step forward, but it jeopardizes the friendship and the brand. It’s really cool how we sort of get over the obstacles. I do want to put out there that this season is sexier, funnier…it really captures a world where you don’t have to be from New York to relate to the characters.

‘LLERO: Where would you like to see the character of Cam go on the show?
Victor: I’d like to see him travel the world. I think Japan was a big thing for him. You see us there in beginning of Episode 1 and we’re getting off the plane from Japan, it’s a big deal. I would like to see him travel more, open up his world, have it inspire him creatively and look into other business ventures.

‘LLERO: Do you think you’re at all like Cam? Or are there major differences between you?
Victor: You know, I think there are definitely similarities. But with a lot of the characters I’ve played, even with the ones that might look different than I do or come from a different place, I find similarities. But being from New York and being Dominican, I innately – being where I’m from and who I am – have something in common. [Cam’s character is into] the fashion industry and I really knew nothing about it. It’s really competitive. I had to get into a business I knew nothing about. For me, even the ugly side I’ve had to see the beauty [which was] especially important for Cam who’s really into it. Also, I never grew up with the skateboard culture which I had to really get into because that is really the lineage [of] my character and Bryan [Greenberg]’s character – that’s how they met through skating.

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