February 28, 2024

3. Mark Sanchez, Quarterback for Denver Broncos

Overcoming adversity has been the story of Sanchez’s career. Now with the Dallas Cowboys (the fourth team in his career) he’ll have to do it again. In the wake of Peyton Manning’s retirement and Brock Osweiler’s departure in free agency, the Broncos made a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles to bring Sanchez to the Rocky Mountains with the initial belief that he would be the starter. Yet, Sanchez poor pre-season play not only led to him losing the starting position to Trevor Siemian (last year’s No. 3 arm behind Manning and Osweiler) for the position, he was cut by the team altogether as Denver opted to keep Paxton Lynch (Denver’s 2016 first round draft pick) as it’s backup. Sanchez wasn’t out of work for long. Within 24 hours the Dallas Cowboy’s stepped in and scooped him up to be the back-up. Word around the NFL is Sanchez can no longer be considered a starter for any team. But that’s the tricky thing with QB’s, you can be a persona non grata one day and in the Super Bowl the next. Don’t believe us, just ask guys like Curt Warner and Jeff Hostetler. Point is, were not convinced its over for Sanchez. Look for Sanchez to put his eight years of experience to use and overcome adversity once again to hopefully have some good moments this year.

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