December 2, 2020

Research Your Tattoo Artist & Shop

A lot of folks see neon signs for tattoo shops and fall into a trance. They float right in to the shop without giving it a second thought. They have no idea of the artists’ qualifications or the shop’s reputation. All they know is that they want that drawing of the colorful sugar skull that’s hanging above the counter, put on their arm.

Before you even let a needle touch your skin do your research. Now, we’re not saying Google or Yelp the shop on the spot. I mean, I probably would, but if you’re not down to probe that deep, simply ask to see the artists’ portfolios. Ramirez advises that you pay attention to the finer details, which ultimately will matter the most. “Some tattoos in portfolios look good from far because they have nice colors and the design is pretty cool, but when you look at the line work, the smoothness of the shading and the blending of the colors, things begin to fall apart,” Ramirez reasons. It’s okay to walk away and leave the tattoo for another day.


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About The Author

Born to Dominican parents in NYC and raised in Passaic, NJ, in nearly a decade as an entertainment writer, Emmanuel Ureña has written for numerous publications, including VIBE,,, LLERO, Urban Ink, Inked, and many others. When he’s not typing away on his MacBook, Ureña is reading fictional novels and comic books while enjoying ice-cold Blue Moon beers. You might also find him at a local tattoo shop getting some fresh ink!

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