February 22, 2024

The mother of all bromance movies is about to drop in the form of Entourage: The Movie. If you’ve tuned into the show over the years, you know the hip-hop soundtrack, sports stars and Hollywood cameos were random, yet aplenty and always fun to watch. But for us it was also the various Latina starlets both established and aspiring that made their way through various seasons that added to the fun. Whether they were current or future A-Listers they all caught our attention in only the best way.

Jessica Alba

Already A-List status when she appeared in Season One as none other than – Jessica Alba. She was in on the ground floor and actually helped lend street cred to the show before it became the hit that it was. It was great to see her give the Hollywood bigwigs like Ari Gold the biz and look good doing it, so much so, it seems as that she has made her way into the current film version.

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