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It’s been 27 years since fans and the music world lost the Queen of Tejano music Selena Quintanilla. This week those same fans and the music world get a special treat.  Her estate has plans to honor the icon’s memory and introduce her music to a new generation of fans in the form of new video and album.

This week a new video for the single “Tu, Solo Tu”, a track that appeared on Selena Quintanilla’s English language debut “Dreaming of You” was released.  The song was written by the Mexican songwriter Felipe Valdes Leal in 1949 and was covered by countless artists. Yet, it really blew up when Selena recorded a cover of it and released it as the second single from “Dreaming of You”.

The music video shows previously unseen and rare clips of Selena. Comprised of unused scenes from her music videos and shots of her as a young child, performing and interacting with fans. 

The video’s release is part of a grander plan. The rollout of new material ahead of Selena’s posthumous 13-track album “Moonchild Mixes”.  Much like her previous works, the remix album is a family affair. Produced by her brother A.B. Quintanilla. A year-long production effort, “Moonchild Mixes” is  comprised of new, never released tracks. Some recorded when Selena was as young as thirteen years old.  The album does not have a confirmed release date yet, but you can bet fans will be lining up to get a listen. Until then, see the video for “Tu, Solo Tu” here.

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