It’s a wrap on Super Bowl LII, and while Tom Brady and Co. have cemented themselves as GOATS. Let the dissection of the best part of the game begin – the commercials and other goings on! Here are some the highlights and note worthy moments from the game.

The Coin Toss

In an nod to the heritage of Atlanta, a respectful montage of Dr. Martin Luther King played before the coin toss. Cue to the actual coin toss and the grand daughter of Martin Luther King, the Reverend Bernice King, along with Congressman John Lewis, were there to lend an assist. A worthy nod to Atlanta and culture to start the game.

Avengers: End Game

Marvel struck early and fast. Launching a new look at Avengers: End Game. The trailer was brief but powerful. It did its job by getting everyone psyched for the film. Which drops in April.


Hyundai channeled Dante’s Inferno except, rather than various levels of hell, it was levels of life which cause you hell. Simply called “The Elevator” Jason Bateman plays the elevator man delivering car shoppers to their level of hell. Delivered with comedic expertise, something for everyone to relate to.

Stella Artois

Channeling some serious 90’s nostalgia Stella Artois flipped it on Sex and the City with Carry Bradshaw refusing her standard Cosmo, The Dude from The Big Lebowski and the Dos XX Most Interesting Man in the World all opting for a Stella.

Planters Peanuts

Not sure the world is ready for Charlie Sheen and A-Rod in a Super Bowl commercial.

Maroon 5 Halftime Show

The odds were stacked against Adam Levine before even taking the stage. Other artists refused to perform as a form of solidarity against the NFL for its treatment of Colin Kaepernick. Yet, doesn’t seem like Maroon 5 did themselves any favors with the performance. Seemed like a vanity affair from start to finish. Twitterverse seems to agree.

Twitter Super Bowl 2

Twitter Super Bowl 3


Super Bowl commercials always have a few odd pairings. Sometimes they work. Cue Betty White’s Snickers commercial. Sometimes they don’t that Bar Rafaeli Go Daddy bit. The winner this year has got to be Chance and The Back Street Boys collab’ing for Doritos.

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