Summer is in full effect. That often means a revamp of your wardrobe. The heavy wool suits, sweaters and coats, need to give way to some lighter and looser materials to beat the heat. Whatever your style you need to make sure your wardrobe has solid foundations to build off. So before following the latest trend or breaking the bank on a piece you’ve had your eye on, here are some classics you should not be without.

What? White dress shirt


This is as classic as it gets. Its versatility is unmatched. A clean pressed white dress shirt can be worn to the office with a suit or blazer, but also made casual when paired with jeans and/or a V-neck sweater. Its biggest selling point: it will never go out of style and it defies seasons, appropriate for any time of the year. Whether your blue collar or white collar, make sure you own at least one. Consider it the franchise player of your wardrobe—in others words it’s something that you want to build around.New white dress shirt, isolated on white

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