October 22, 2020

What? Sports blazer


Not sure what we have in mind here? Think how slick Ray Donovan looks rocking a blazer. Second only to the white shirt, a sports blazer should also be a part of your closet thanks to its versatility. It can make you look more formal (a last minute meeting or the unannounced client visit) or dressy casual (a weekend event with your lady, throw it on with some jeans and you’re good to go). Beware, to keep that versatility stick to solid colors like navy blue, black or given that it is summer, a light grey or khaki is also appropriate. Patterns and pinstripes will limit the flexibility and give it a shorter shelf life. Also, and most importantly since where talking about summers style hear, be sure the material is light. Linen is great for summer, but tough to maintain, a khaki material is perfect, as it’s lighter and easy to maintain.

Mit dem Kauf einer neuen Villa will Ray (Liev Schreiber) seine Frau besänftigen.

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