As to the title of the episode …yeah most of us forgot about him. This week everybody is looking toward the bigger picture. The rule this week is “Look out for self!!”

Dre Day

We start off by seeing Dre and Donovan in the safe house. Donovan is giving Dre the hard daddy advice, until they get hit by a Jimenez death squad. All agents are taken out with Dre and Donovan the last men standing. But even after taking a bullet for him, Donovan is shot in the head by Dre (No good punk ass!!!). Dre tries to flee with his daughter but is caught at the airport by the Feds.

Cut to Saxe and Warner talking about the safe house hit and Donovan’s death. Saxe, with Dre in custody, gives him the breakdown what he needs from the Jimenez trial especially given Angela’s death and how his case was a secret from the department. If it doesn’t go well, they will both be up shit’s creek!!!

Strange Bedfellows         

We find Tate in straight “Love Jones” mode as he blows the back out of Cassandra; which we find out is the wife of Derek (the guy that Tate sucker punched last week) …straight dirty!!! In a middle of a sex fest, Tate gets a call from the majors. In this case that’s the DNC. Tate later gives his team the good news, but the victory is cut short by the appearance of Ramona Garrity.  She comes into the HQ like Bey during “Homecoming” (sans marching band) firing half of Tate’s office staff. As Ramona goes on, she questions …Who is James St. Patrick?

Tate finds out he needs more money, so who ya gonna call? of course Ghost. As they go over money matters, Ghost catches the eye of Ramona. Later we see her show up at Truth to talk about Tate and his operation and to get a better idea of who Ghost is. As Ghost gets more comfortable with new member of Tate’s campaign he informs them about his pending divorce from Tasha. Seeing this and hoping to keep up appearances they have a sit down with Tasha. In this, Tasha sees a way to fund her own business by squeezing Tate of cash and permits. Tasha is finally making those BOSS moves!!!

Prep School Gangsta

Tariq is the new big dealer on campus. With his crew of Effie and Brayden, he is moving more pills then he has…, so it’s time to re-up for midterms. Tariq is now in trouble, with Kanan dead where can he get a new stash from? He heads to the city under the guise of a visit Tasha and his sister. As Ghost stops by Tasha’s new spot, Ghost, Tariq and Tasha get into a three-way match which ends up with Tariq staying with Ghost at the penthouse. While back at the house Tariq gets the last bit of his secret stash from Raina’s room. Tariq knows he has to find a new source. Who the best but…Tommy.

Boss Up

Tommy is now showing Keshia the whole operation. With the over flush of cash, Tommy needs to figure out how lauder that cash before the next drop to Jason. Tommy calls Tasha to talk about the monetary problem they both have over a blunt. During this, Tommy gets a call from Jason, and when Jason calls Tommy goes running. We see Jason talking to Tommy about the Jimenez trial and suggest that he should break her out. Hedging his bets, Jason also gives the same task to Ghost.

So now it a race against time to see who will get to her first. They both (at different times) visit Proctor on using hid connects inside the court house to get to her. Tommy hatches a great plan to get her out and with the help of Keshia the plan works perfectly. Alicia is brought to Jason for questioning …but in true kingpin style she gives up nothing. This only leads to one thing …her death. As Jason put two bullets in her we say goodbye to Alicia Jimenez.

Since Ghost failed at getting Alicia Jimenez, this puts him a bad position with Jason. Which makes Ghost having to re-partner with Stern for the cash. Later, Ghost calls Tommy to try to figure out why Jason used the both of them on the same job. Ghost suggest that he and Tommy should team up to take out Jason, but Tommy being hot head Tommy promises only one thing – to cancel Christmas on Ghost!!!

Will Ghost and Tommy kiss and make up or is it all out war? Is Tariq going to turn on Ghost just to maintain his own drug ring? And is Dre going to turn on Ghost and Tommy just to save his daughter? So many questions still unanswered, can’t wait until next week. See ya then!!

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