Last night’s episode of Power has some huge developments. **SPOILER ALERT** – a major character gets killed off and a new one arrives. Stop now if you’d like to avoid them. “It’s Done,” pops off with Terry Silver waking up after a night with Tasha…she’s already off to the walk of shame when Ghost pays visit to Silver that very morning. Whew, close one. But Ghost is there to talk about Proctor and tie up loose ends. He does manage to find a woman’s earring on the floor of Silver’s apartment, when he ironically says, “I didn’t know you had a lady.” James if you only knew.

Over at Club Fed, Sandoval and Saxe compare notes about Mak and their Donovan mole theory. Sandoval wants assurances they are still working together, Saxe assures him they are but Sandoval looks concerned. Cue to Angela’s crib where Donovan, Saxe and Angela have essentially figured out Sandoval is the mole. Although they put it all together, they realize they’ve got zero evidence. When Angela pulls in the mysterious Lobos burner phone from last season. Still not enough though. More to come on that front.

Meanwhile at the Egan household Tommy pays a visit to Momma Egan to learn about his dear old dad. He grills his mom for deets about Tony Teresi, but she puts up a good front, but by the look on her face, there is definitely something she isn’t copping to.

Dre meets up with the remaining crews and warns a war with Jimenez brothers is looming. No one is very happy about it, but agree if that’s what the connect wants, that’s what the connect gets. Ghost and Tommy finally meet up. Ghost is concerned about that very war, but Tommy’s got daddy issues on the brain. Tommy finally gets around to the task at hand – the pending war. Ghost advocates strategy, but Tommy’s all about saving face. In the end, Tommy lets him know if you want it done your way, roll up them sleeves and get your hands dirty. So he does, setting up a meeting with the Jimenez brothers, but he also pays a visit to Proctor to clean up that mess. Proctor assures him body and recording have been destroyed, but its tense.

Meanwhile Tommy’s still looking to get to the bottom of the Teresi matter and drops by his old lady’s place under the pretense of looking for Sammy, who isn’t home. They exchange pleasantries and do some diligence on each other. Tommy manages to swipe an old pic, but this exchange is also awkward and tense. Tommy pays another visit to mom and pulls out the pic he lifted from Teresi’s house. The pic is of Teresi and Tommy as a child in front of their house. He confronts his mom, who confesses and Tommy loses it.

On to the Jimenez issues, they all meet where Ghost gives them a lay of the land and the potential exposure for taking credit for their Lobos hit. Jimenez gets pissssssed at such a move. Ironically enough Tommy talks him down. They give him a day for an answer. Tommy calls it – no answer means war.

Over at the prosecutor’s office, Sandoval and Saxe meetup and looks like Saxe spilled all the beans about Angela’s evidence, but not really, Sandoval is being teed up. He heads straight to Angela’s. She fesses up what she knows and shows Sandoval surveillance pics and her theory. Sandoval loses it and confesses – all the while he’s being taped by Mak and the Feds. Donovan makes the call to raid the apartment when Sandoval pulls his piece on Angela. Angela gets the drop on him and takes him down, but also sets him up. Letting him know, he’s not a murderer, he’s a witness. More on that later.

Sandoval is in holding, where he requests immunity for testimony. Why? Because telling the truth means every case he closed is tainted and clean up and scandal would me monumental for the DOJ. Maks agrees to the request, while Angela pays a visit to Terry Silver to let him know. Silver gives the good news to Ghost and Tasha and gets to watch Tasha give him the congratulatory hug. Ghost, Tommy and Proctor get together for a congratulatory drink, but its short lived as they realize Sandoval will turn and drop dime on all he knows – Ghost, Tommy and all their dealings. He’s got to go. But how? Tommy proposes Teresi, handle it. Teresi agrees without hesitation. Why? He’s family. Teresi takes care of Sandoval.

Although the Sandoval problem is solved, new problems loom on the horizon – this is Power were talking about after all. Dre has pulled a fast one with the Jimenez brothers. Essentially turns on Tommy and Ghost, by dropping dime on their plans for war and lack of support, and offering the hotels as a new revenue stream to move product. The Jimenez brothers agree, but Dre better deliver and soon, otherwise he’s a dead man. Oh yeah, Proctor he still has the recording of Tommy’s murder last season.

Episode Highlights

Tommy asking Dre about word from the Jimenez brothers:
Got me watching my phone like I’m hoping they going to ask me to prom.

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