I truly believe that all people deserve a second chance, BUT…. this crew right here? They are working on their fourth and fifth chances at this point. They are just being greedy. Ready to do it? Let’s talk about Power’s Episode 4 “Second Chances.”

How you doing BAE?
Last week when Angela found out that the Jimenez Brothers are not brothers but brother and sister (someone needs their Spanish checked) she sends out the warrant squad like the flying monkeys from Oz. Angela finally gets the Jimenez’s just before they fly away, but her new bae Agent Tampio shuts all that down. As this is happening Tasha is still mourning Reina’s murder with no support from Ghost and it ain’t pretty. After being berated by Ghost for not going to the fundraiser Tasha decided enough is enough and she moves out and moves on up with her new boo Terry.

We are Family
As we catch up with the trinity of Doom, they are still at the drawing board trying to figure out how to kill the Jimenez’s and Dre. In this meeting Ghost finds out he is the last to know that Tommy’s dad Teresi is out of jail. This sets Ghost off. He reminds Tommy who his real family is and that he needs to keep his mouth closed about business. After that Tommy storms off only to meet up with Teresi and get a family history lesson. All this craziness with Tommy forces Ghost and Kanan to come up with a plan to break Tommy away from his new found family. Kanan hires the worst dope boys to do a drive by on the Italians which leads to both of them getting killed by Kanan. (NOTE: We’ve said this before but it needs repeating, never trust Kanan).

Ghost is a Shell
As we see in this episode there’s a major break in Ghost persona. After last week’s episode where we see Ghost losing the investor, he has an emotional breakdown while trying to give the speech at the fundraiser (where he sees an image of Reina) drives him over the edge. These breakdowns cause Tate to rethink his relationship with Ghost and make him want to take a different route. Tate actually calls someone else up from the bullpen …wait for it…Dre. At first Dre doesn’t want to do it but after the Jimenez bust, he needs this profile to keep him off the Feds and Ghost radar. When Ghost learns of this matter…the look on your boys face …WOW. Tate just lit a powder keg and doesn’t even know it. Let’s hope he keep the same crappy smile on his face when it blows up.

Everything is building up, especially at the end of the episode! Ghost and Angela meet up and things look like they’re about to heat up. I hope you are ready cause I am here for all of it! See you next week and make sure you got that popcorn ready!!

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