First, congrats to the cast of Vida on being renewed for Season 3. This means we will be seeing more of the Hernandez sisters in 2020.  If the latest episodes are any indication, there will be plenty more chisme. Now on to the recaps.

Episode 9

The episode starts off with Emma and Cruz having a nice fellatio sesh.  Let’s just say they are making good use of double AA batteries. Post cuddle Cruz invites Emma to a friend’s wedding. Emma reluctantly accepts.

Across town Mari is having a little post cuddle sesh herself, with her boo Trago. As they bond over breakfast burritos Johnny comes home. Let’s just say Johnny is not a fan of his sister’s boyfriend. Mari’s not having it, calling out Johnny on the two jobs she already has and ditches Johnny to go off and settle a debt.

In Lyn’s world she’s getting her cross-fit on, when surprise, surprise, she catches the eye of a new dude. Except this isn’t any cholo, apparently, he’s the local councilman – Councilman Rudy.  Of course, he makes a move, but Lyn keeps her pledge of abstention. Congrats Lyn, looks like this pledge has legs.

Meanwhile, Eddy is still in recovery mode but getting better. As Emma is trying to get a nurse’s aide Mari, stops by to settle that debt. She drops the money she owes Emma for when they ended up in the clink together. Lightbulb moment, Emma can’t seem to find a right home aide, Mari needs a job and has experience. It’s a match!

After her gym class and Councilman Rudy encounter, Lyn saunters in beaming about her game night Loteria tchotchke’s that arrived, and Emma reveals she’s going to the wedding with Cruz. To which Lynn beams even more, inquiring if Emma is “end game” with Cruz. Emma is like nooooo, but says she’s trying. Lyn, being Lyn, asks if this means she can’t do game night because she’ll have to watch Eddy instead of Emma. Emma replies – its handled Lyn’s mortal enemy Mari is the new caretaker. Lyn’s beaming comes to a screaming halt. “Emma, she hates me. OMG she’s going to jump me”.

It’s wedding time. And it’s a fabulous Mexicana style, LGBTQ affair. For Cruz its clearly “end game” as she interacts with Emma and other couples as if they are an item. For Emma…mmm not so much. When Emma excuses herself to get a drink, she mistakes someone at the wedding for a bartender. Turns out that’s Nico, the best woman. During Nico’s speech to the newlyweds, Cruz reaches for Emma’s hand, but is rebuffed as if it were Melania and POTUS.

Drama only escalates from there. During table talk Emma gets called out as a “baby queer” and Emma’s chosen noncommittal sexual preference status – e.g., queer, binary? Nico saves the day, steps up and gets Emma’s back, but Cruz doesn’t, and actually puts their morning sex sesh on blast. Emma loses it and storms off – yeah, its end game for Lyn and Cruz alright, but not like we thought. As Emma storms off, Nico swoops in yet again, to talk her down. As luck would have it. Nico is in fact a bartender/mixologist. Emma invites her to stop by the bar sometime. Another match perhaps!!

Lyn’s game night aka Millennial Loteria does not go as planned. The new format doesn’t sit well the bar’s regulars. To add insult to injury, one of the locals Dona Tita, stops by after and tells her “your pretty, you should stick to that” As Lyn, sulks Dona Lupe stops by with words of encouragement. It really just makes things worse. Lyn takes out her frustration with an evening run, which brings her to the cemetery and Vidalia’s tombstone.

She lets her know they called the bar Vida.

Chingona Level Winner

Nico – She’s new and we don’t know much about her, but that speech she gave at the wedding. Then her schooling the guests at the table. Badass. Nico is operating at the highest of Chingona levels in Episode 9.

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