February 5, 2023

Swings, Catches, Coordination and Cardio Exercises

These movements combine standard moves with a swing/release/catch component. This adds to the degree of difficulty due to the complex timing of the swings and catches. It can even elevate it to a more cardio-based exercise.

Kettlebell Alternating Swing Catch
Same as the one armed swing except you release the kettlebell mid-air, switching hands and catching.

Kettlebell Swing Snatch
Start with the one arm swing. As the kettlebell passes knee height, extend body upward into a mini-jump, elevating the shoulder and pulling the kettlebell upward. Come back down on your feet with bent legs. Catch kettlebell at arm’s length while squatting into standing position with kettlebell overhead. Return by swinging the kettlebell down between your legs and repeating.

This training style is highly energetic. It increases your power through the speeding up and slowing down of the weight. While it’s true that you will increase functional core strength and power you should have a strength base prior to beginning training. This will help guard against injury from the rapid acceleration and deceleration of the weight and allow you to learn some of the basic exercise mechanics before you begin throwing the kettlebells around.

Dasvidaniya comrades and good luck.

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