Rosalía and Ozuna clearly rule the roost in their respective genres. So to see them come together for a collab harkens back memories of Eminem and Rhianna or Jay and Bey. If you take a look and listen to their joint venture, the track entitled “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi” – you will know we make that comparison for all the best reasons.

This is the second time Rosalía dips her toe in the urban genre. The first was the party anthem track “Con Altura” a collab with J. Balvin. If you didn’t know she belonged then, after “Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi” you’ll know.

The song is produced by Rosalía, El Guincho and Frank Dukes. C. The video is on a whole other level. Directed by Cliqua, Rosalía and Ozuna get mighty close. It’s a fun back and forth, where they both give as good as they get and it’s set to slick visuals. Rosalía also gets a chance to show off those flamenco moves and the chemistry – well – doesn’t look like acting to us. Seeing is believing. Peep the visuals here.

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