October 25, 2021

‘LL: So you went from being a student to a sexpot. How did life change?
Raquel: This is how much my life changed: I had never even been on an airplane before [appearing in] Playboy. Now I was being sent across the country to host events. My first assignment was in Denver and it was my first trip ever, at age 24. I also never thought I had this talent for being on television, for hosting, for radio; it was all new to me.

‘LL: Latino families can be very traditional/conservative when it comes to sexuality. How did yours react to your new status?
Raquel: My family is very open-minded and very liberal in their ways of living and thinking. My parents are both very open-minded. My dad has always been a Playboy fan even though everyone always says they read it for the articles – he really does like it for the articles. It’s really amazing how different my family is from everyone else’s. I’m actually very grateful I was raised liberal.

‘LL: Do you have plans to go back to school now that you have this new career?
Raquel: I definitely want to finish because education is something no one can take away from you. One day I will be older and there will be a new face, a new “it” person and I have to move on. So I have to have my plan B, which is biochemistry, which I love. It’s another passion of mine so I will make sure to finish my degree for that.

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