This week we really find out who is, and isn’t, on on Ghost’s side. Hence why this new episode is titled “Whose Side Are You On?” Let’s follow Ghost on this journey through family, friends and foes.

The Cost of Sins

We start off with Ghost returning to the scene of the crime looking over Tommy’s bullet riddled Mustang (that was a sweet ride btw). However, he’s quickly apprehended by Jason’s goons. Ghost conveys this was a family matter, so there is no need to go to war. He even offers reparations for his troubles. Jason (knowing that Tommy is alive) isn’t feeling the token payment and decides to hit Ghost where it hurts the most – his pockets. To keep the peace, Ghost will have to pay $100K every two weeks. Damn that’s cold!!

We Are in This Together

After his rendezvous with Jason, Ghost hurries over to Proctor to look for an alibi. He also confesses to killing Tommy. However, Proctor was ambushed by Warner the night before. So an alibi is impossible. This puts Ghost S.O.L!!! To make matters worse Proctor is simultaneously served with child custody papers. With the shit storm that is going on, Proctor is hoping Ghost doesn’t plan on attending Angela’s funeral. We all know Ghost at this point in the series. You know he plans to be up in there to say that last good bye to the love of his life. Proctor reminds him that he has to maintain the family man look during all of this. So, if he’s going to attend, he’d better include Tasha.

Tommy Is Ghost?

Tommy meets up with his crew to explain the complex idea that although he is alive they must play like he is dead. So, Tommy is a ghost. So to speak. Which 2-bit thinks is some type of zombie like scenario. Cut to the duo of Donovan and Rodriguez who are part of the new task force formed to find out who killed Angela. Their first stop is to see Tasha. They visit Tasha at her hotel with the missing case of Terry Silver. Tasha gives up nothing. But Rodriguez, using her powerful BS detector, doesn’t believe her. Tariq’s drug game is exposed by a fellow student, Effie at Choate. Effie think’s he’s just playing right into the stereotypes. But he successfully hires her, rather than rat him out. Tate, upset at being upstaged by Ghost at his press conference is also trying to gain some info on Ghost. He recruits the very constituent from the neighborhood that crashed his presser.

One Final Goodbye

As Paz prepares for Angela’s funeral, and puts her belongings away, she comes across a burner phone. She texts the only number in the phone, thinking its Ghost, and sets up a meeting. But to her surprise, Tasha shows up. Paz now knows that Tasha has been working with Angela to not only clear up her name but Ghost’s family also. Paz is in a bind and unable to pay for the funeral because Angela’s benefits were frozen due to her questionable status with the Feds. Was she an agent or criminal? No one had an answer before she was killed. Yet, it is eventually paid for by none other than Tasha. With that, Paz places the burner phone in the casket with Angela to let all of her secrets die with her.


Everyone shows up for the funeral from Saxe. Donovan and crew to Ghost and yes …Tasha. But the biggest surprise Tommy Egan walks in to pay his respects. WTF!!

OK the jig is up. Now that Ghost knows that he missed his shot at Tommy and that Tasha knows he has been alive the whole time he must confront Jason about it. Ghost is losing all his allies by the second. In the final cut we see where Dre has been holding up in witness protection. But now with Angela dead who is going to be on his side? This might be the prime Ghost and Dre team up to save each other’s asses!!!

Clearly, old friends become new enemies, while old enemies may become new friends. Well, just have to sit back back and watch how this unfolds. See ya next week!!!

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