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The latest episode of Power belongs to Councilman Tate. While it doesn’t pack the fan fulfillment punch that the Tommy Egan’s sendoff did, it does answer questions and gets us closer to the overarching question of the final season – Who shot Ghost?

The Mess

The episode opens with our Councilman a drunk mess after recent events. The collapse of his candidacy for governor has him hitting the hooch hard. In his drunken stupor he places a call to two hitmen. Old associates that go by the names of Croop and Carter.  His mandate – I need you to clean up a mess. Which equals James St. Patrick. Ironic given Tate’s current state. The local barkeep notices his condition and summons his brother to pick and more importantly clean him up.

Tate awakens in his nephew’s bed, sleeping off the night before. He greets his brother and his family at the breakfast table. It’s a nice moment that shows Tate may not be as slimy as he has shown to be. He confesses to his brother that his campaign for governor is all but over thanks to James St. Patrick. When in comes the now famous announcement. James St. Patrick is a candidate for Lt. Governor. Like Tommy, Paz and Dre before him – Tate loses it. And so, opens “Reversal of Fortune”.

The Clean Up

We then cue to the men tasked with taking out Ghost, Croop and Carter. Apparently, a father-son duo from D.C. They wrap up their work and head north to New York.

Meanwhile Tate and his big bro are spending some time bonding at the shooting range. When Tate shares he’s not out of this yet. His brother wisely counsels him – if you’re in it to help the people – fine. If it’s just clap back at St. Patrick – not so much. Tate heads to head off to see Lorette Walsh to plead his case – he’s shut down.

Next stop – his local pastor. Seems like Tate is in such straits he’s leaning on prayer now. The local pastor gives him some counsel – “What’ s impossible with man, is possible with God” – To which Tate responds. “Well tell the good lord to get off his ass and send me a miracle.”

Low and behold, Tate gets a visit from Detective Rodriguez and Cooper Saxe about their investigation of Ghost. They also have a request – his assistance in putting Ghost behind bars. As a result, Tate calls off the hit, but Croop and Carter are not too thrilled about it. In their minds, they need to get paid, so the job is going down. Tate then pays a visit to Ghost, in essence to warn him. But Ghost gives him a dressing down. Before Tate can even utter the news, Ghost kicks him out of his club.

Still Messy

In an ironic twist of fate Tate goes to a local diner for a cup of coffee and ends up in a photo op. It seems the local voters recognize Tate and assure him he’s their man. Tate even gets deluged with requests for selfies. The happening energizes Tate. However, it’s not all good news. Just as Tate is thinking comeback, he gets a visit from his old conquest/married staffer Cassandra Haynes. She shows up at his campaign headquarters with a message. Endorse James St. Patrick. Party unity takes precedence over ego. Tate kicks her out of his office.

On the other side of town Croop and Carter make their move on Ghost. It brings us to the scene from last week’s episode where Ghost and Tommy are ambushed. So, it appears Tate sparked all of that.  One plot question complete. Carter gives Tate a call telling him how it all went sideways. Tate is none too happy. Neither is Carter who pays him a visit to make him pay. Just as Carter is about to take him out, Tate’s brother shoots Carter.

Tate receives yet another visit from Simon Stern and Lorette Walsh. They want that endorsement. Tate shows them the door too. Yet realizes, an endorsement is something he can leverage. When his brother calls and brings him to the station to wrap up the shooting.

At the station Tate’s brother seems to go harder on him than the cops. When word comes down that James St. Patrick was shot. Another plot hole cleared up. Tate didn’t pull the trigger here. He’s allowed to go down to the crime scene with the officers. At the scene he’s asked about the shooting when Tate delivers the epitome of a politician’s speech, culminating with the very line his pastor gave him – “What’ s impossible with man, is possible with God”.

A Reversal of Fortune

Just like that Tate is back in the race. He receives a visit from the DNC representative Steven Ott and Lorette Walsh with a request – they don’t want an endorsement, they want Tate to replace James St. Patrick and join the Walsh ticket. Tate isn’t having it though. In his words “It’s Governor or nothing”.  It’s seems far-fetched but, Tate spins it and the powers at be agree with him. Tate is officially back in the game.

In a celebratory booty call Tate reconnects with Cassandra. Guess winning solves a lot of bad blood. Tate then receives a visit from Romana. She tries to give him the business, but he bounces her out of his place, and Cassandra along with her. Tate it seems is pretty good at that.

Just then, the television captures his attention. They announce that the suspect in the James St. Patrick has been apprehended. Fade to black….

Only one episode left.  Dre, Paz, Tommy and Tate are clean. That leaves Tariq or Tasha.

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