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The latest episode of Power is all Tommy Egan. It delivers all the action, fun and disfunction that inhabits the world of this lovable psychopath.

Mommy Issues

The episode opens with Tommy hauling Benny’s body into his loft after killing him.  He gets to work on clean up. Even enlisting help of dear old mom, Kate. He also shares with her that Lakeisha is dead, and believes it’s at the hands of Ghost. We see Tommy truly sad and Kate truly wanting to comfort him. It’s as dysfunctional as you could imagine but touching. Hell, even a gangster needs love. And so, opens “It’s All Your Fault”.

Back at Mama Egan’s Tommy tells Kate, he knows he can’t hide and that New York isn’t safe for him anymore. As a result, he may be leaving town to Los Angeles. Kate talks him down, telling him his family, his roots, his business are all here. Just as she calms him down, the announcement of Ghost as a candidate for Lt. Governor airs on the morning news. As with Dre and Paz – rage ensues when Tommy sees it. He renews his vow to kill Ghost.

Benny Issues

We cue to Benny’s family. His niece, Proctor’s daughter Elisa Marie is worried when Benny doesn’t arrive home. For good reason. Aunt Dolores, aptly played by guest star Debbie Mazar, tries to calm her down, but this kid has seen too much and knows too much. So, it ain’t working. When in strolls Vincent, unannounced of course. Aunt Dolores wants to know where Benny is. Vincent doesn’t want any trouble from the head of the family, Uncle Carlo, so he plays nice.

Elisa Marie discovers the tape implicating Tommy in the murder of Lobos and the head of the Soldados, Aunt Dolores overhears it and the two agree to work together. Elisa Marie says she recognizes the voice on the tape and that she’s seen the man. He visited her house – his name is Tommy Egan. The two quickly piece together that Tommy also killed Proctor. Next stop – Tariq. They pay him a visit and play him the tape. Tariq holds it down, but Aunt Dolores knows what’s up. Tariq goes to Tommy with a quickness and downloads what went down.

Tommy is clearly agitated at the recent developments, but his mind is still on Ghost. He heads over to Truth to do the deed. But gets made by security so begs off only to bump into Detective Blanca Rodriguez. In perhaps the line of the episode Tommy upon seeing Rodriguez says “Puerto Ricans in pantsuits. Can’t seem to get rid of you”.  Detective Rodriguez offers Tommy Lakeisha’s personal effects and a deal – immunity for Ghost. Tommy takes a pass.

Family Matters

When Tommy looks through Lakeisha’s things he finds Tasha’s earring. He immediately puts together the pieces about Lakeisha’s death. Next stop – Tasha’s.  Tommy dresses Tasha down until she comes clean and admits she killed Lakeisha. Tasha shows Tommy the agreement LaKeisha signed with the Feds to turn witness against him.  Tommy comes a split hair away from taking Tasha out, but ultimately spares her life.

After learning the truth about Lakeisha, Tommy meets up with Ghost. We cue back to Episode 10, where Tommy and Ghost meet up and have it out before they are ambushed. Tommy escapes but not before taking out one of the assailants.

An Unlikely Pair

As Tommy flees the ambush, he heads to Proctors, takes out the guards and kidnaps Elisa Marie.

Tommy tries to get her to cough up the tape. He doesn’t get the tape but gets plenty of intel and a surprise he never figured on. First, a copy of the tape has been made. Second, Elisa Marie’s great uncle Carlo, is the head of one of the New York crime families. Yeah, Tommy you really outdid yourself this time. As is protocol for kidnapping, Tommy places the ransom call to her family – the tape for the girl. 

At the exchange point, the two have one hell of a back and forth. Seems Tommy and Elisa Marie have more in common than they realize. Both had mothers that were junkies. Both know their fathers were hardly saints. Both lost loved ones. And both realize they are all alone in the world. It’s a touching moment and shows Tommy isn’t a 100% evil gangster. 

While at the exchange Tommy gets a call from Two-Bit, who shares that Dre not Ghost shut down his operation. Tommy sees the light, realizing Ghost did not kill Lakeisha, did not shut down his operation or scheme to have the tape recording made.


We Are Brothers

Upon the realization he drops off Elisa Marie sans the tape and heads over to Truth to save Ghost. He’s too late. Upon arriving at Truth, he finds Ghost lying on the floor shot. They both identify the shooter, someone who they both appear to know. As Tommy looks to take out the killer, Ghost pleads with Tommy to leave it alone. Over six seasons Tommy and Ghost have had one hell of a bromance. Ups, downs and ups. They make amends, Ghost gives Tommy what he’s always wanted unconditional love – he then dies. It’s a touching and poetic ending to their friendship/brotherhood.

Gangster’s Paradise

The morning after Tommy goes to see his mother. Kate disowns Tommy literally choosing Ghost in death over Tommy in life.  In Tommy’s mind its now settled – he is all alone. No reason to stay in New York. He cleans out his loft, picks up his Mustang and hits the road. Before departing Egan does wrap up some loose ends. First stop – Spanky – upon learning he dropped dime on him Tommy takes him out. Last stop, Elisa Marie’s. These two have great chemistry on screen. She asks if he was able to save his friend, to which he nods no, she also tells him she knows he killed her father.  Then gives him the recordings. In true Tommy Egan fashion, he tells her “look, I know you feel some kind of way about me. Whether I did it or not don’t matter. But if you wanna come see me about it someday. I’ll understand.”

Cut to Tommy literally driving into the sunset as Warren G’s “Regulate” plays in the background. About as happy an ending as you could ask for a man named Tommy Egan.

Only two episodes left.  It wasn’t Dre, Paz or Tommy. That leaves Tate, Tariq or Tasha.

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