So, after burying your daughter, finding out the hit on the guy you wanted dead didn’t happen and you still have the pressures of the world on you. Of course, you start to go in a downward spiral and we are just getting started. Here is the recap for Episode 502 of Power entitled Damage Control.

Damn Tommy!!!

As the three amigos meet up to talk about how bad that hit on Dre went and how he is under the Jimenez protection, Jason and his Serbian hit squad crash this drum circle failure and he is pissed!!!! Like the time when your dad found you refilled all his liquor with iced tea. Tommy, in trying not to die on that spot, offers to kill the Jimenez. In doing that, Jason decides to draft Ghost and Kanan into this suicide mission. Thanks Tommy!!! And to put the icing on this turd cake, Carmine (one of the Italian shooters) dies. Tommy, now has to explain to the Italians what happened and it’s not going to be slap on the wrist.

Side Eyed Friends

Tasha starts off this episode giving her best “Viola Davis in Fences” cry in Reina’s room but as Tariq pops in she gets stone face and leaves. Come to find out she has a morning breakfast meeting with her BF (Best Frenemy) Angela. This was no “Sex in the City” woman talk. Angela is still trying to cover her involvement and asks Tasha “is Tariq involved with anything else?” Tasha responds with the best parent of the year quote “I don’t know? Tasha is still heavily grieving over Reina’s death, decides to go a recovery group led by Rev. Mac for grieving parents. She and Ghost sit and listen the other parent stories. Tasha wants to get up and share but is blocked Dikembe Mutombo style by Ghost – NO, NO NO!!!

Teflon Dre

Meanwhile across town, Dre is summoned by his new jefe Diego Jimenez. After watching him in the most uncomfortable peepshow (Dude didn’t even use wipes…UCK!!) , Dre was informed that new product is coming, and he has to handle the war within the Toros gang. Damn that crown just got heavy playboy!!! While later, Dre gives 2Bit the number two spot, he along with 2Bit and sneaky ass Cristobal come up with a plan to handle the Toro situation. But as with every good plan on this show we know there is someone will mess it up. Enter 2Bit, who along with Spanky decided to carry out the hit on the Toros, but this ill decision forces Dre to scramble. Proving that he is Ghost 2.0, after giving 2Bit a dressing down for his ill-conceived initiative, took that mistake and made it work in his favor with the Toros. Gotti would be proud!!!!!

Downward Spiral

As ever, Ghost tries to stay calm, cool and focused on his way out of this mess. Ghost stays busy by meeting with Tate to help raise money and his profile. After many turn downs from Tate to publicize Reina’s murder, Ghost and Tasha are finally convinced go to a “mixer” Tate is giving. Surprise !!! this was no mixer but a press conference to give a reward for Reina’s death. But we all know this some BS. As Ghost gives a mumbled speech, Tasha steps up like a boss and gives a “Maxine Waters” worthy speech about Reina. After all this, Ghost finally breaks and has him calling Angela like a 90’s R&B song. Then before the end of this episode, Ghost goes straight on vigilante. After hearing stories from the group earlier, especially about a drunk driver killing a 16-year-old boy. Ghost becomes an animal and guts the drunk that killed that young boy. Ghost really needs to talk to someone!!!

Can’t wait to see how all this will affect Ghost and the crew getting out the biz!

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