Some lies start to come to the surface, while other become deeper. Let’s talk about episode 506 “A Changed Man.”

Strange Bedfellows

The episode starts off with Ghost (who has found the Holy Ghost) at Angela’s apartment. Ghost is finally telling the truth about why he left her and forgiving her for trying to get him the death penalty last season. After letting him stay over, straight up couch style (brother couldn’t even get a pitty snuggle!), they wake up the morning after both sleep deprived. When Angela is about to talk…but wait! There is a knock at the door. Who could it be? Angela opens the door and it’s Tasha…Ghost with the OMG face. It is finally revealed that the two have been working together about covering up Tariq’s shooting. Surprised, but after explaining to Ghost why they linked up, he understands the collabo.

Angela prepares Tasha for her interrogation with Det. Rodriguez. Later we see Ghost and Dre meet up. First they talk about making a working relationship with Tate then later talk about making a truce…but with strings attached of course. Each one has to kill the others connect (i.e., Ghost has Jimenez and Dre has Jason the Chicago connect). Let’s see how this goes down.

Ghost 3.0

Tariq reconnects with Kanan, as Kanan picks him up from school to take him on a run. Tariq soon realizes the violence and power that Kanan has when he puts the smack-down out of a connect. After seeing that, Tariq establishes his own pill distro at school. He is slowly, but surely becoming the the next Ghost.

A Father’s Love

As Tommy’s empire and distribution starts to crumble Teresi figures out a way out to keep his son alive. His idea was the ramen connection, by having him and Sammy pushing drugs through the jail pipeline. Unknown to Tommy, his daddy is playing him for a fool. Tommy gets himself in deeper with Angela, where we find out that he placed that tracker on Dre’s ride. But now that Dre is working with Ghost, I think Tommy might have some regrets about that move.

Slow Downfall

With Dre now being blamed for the Jimenez brothers getting caught by the Feds and his new position as Tate’s poster boy, Dre has a lot on his mind. Namely, how to run his organization. Alicia makes another visit to Dre. She tells him to find a way to get rid of the “ideas” that Diego has about him. Dre gets mad at Cristobal because he blames Dre for not protecting the Taino’s from Kanan. With that, Dre also gets mad cause he has no connection to his Spanish speaking soldiers. With all that anger, Dre uses Arturo as a scapegoat to the Jimenez Brothers. So long Arturo! Like I said earlier, this forces Dre to make kissy face with Ghost to make a “Strangers on a Train” deal. Ohhh, did we forget to mention Det. Rodriguez, Sax and Maks (the last two sound like a comedy team), are getting close to Angela’s business with Tasha? Things are heating up… I might need a cool glass of rum to go with my popcorn. See ya next week!!

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