The nation of Paraguay will set aside the days of May 14th and 15th to celebrate their independence from Spain, which was won on May 14, 1811. While Paraguayans will fill the streets of the capital of Asunción to honor the occasion, we thought of another way to celebrate. Here are a look at five unforgettable beauties that call the Republic of Paraguay home.

Leryn Franco

Who She Is
She’s the reason most men gave a damn about the women’s javelin event at the summer games in London. The 5’8” tall Franco is living proof that you can be both athletic and gorgeous. Yet, the Paraguayan Olympic javelin thrower is not only a fierce competitor who has broken records throughout Latin America and went to the world games as a teen, she’s also a swimsuit and fashion model, pageant contestant and graced the pages of the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

Why She’s Here
Leryn became a three-time Olympian when she competed at the 2012 London summer games. Her first appearance was in 2004 when she competed in the Junior Olympics and again in 2008 at the Beijing games. She’s also the only person from her home country to accomplish this feat. Finally, it can’t bear enough repeating, she likely sent you to the Google search button after her Olympic performances.

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