In a landscape of constant collaboration by Latinx artists, it’s ironic that Ozuna and Anitta had yet to join forces. That question is answered with “Muito Calor”.  Translated in English it means “very hot”, and quite appropriate for the current state of the two artists.  Ozuna is sitting a top of the reggaeton game and Anitta burning through white hot collaborations with virtually every artist in the game.

The video for Muito Calor is directed by Ozuna’s go to Nuno Gomez.  The visuals are an homage to Brazilian culture. Vibrant and cinematic like scenes of locals playing soccer, samba to spare and scenes of the favelas. The the two artists sing in Spanish and Portuguese, respectively. It’s a nice jam and symbolic for what has proven to be a hot summer and the career trajectories of these two artists. Peep the visuals here.

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