On Thursday, Ozuna dropped the latest video off his album “Nibiru” the track is entitled “Te Soñé de Nuevo”.

The video was said to be filmed during a recent vacation in Colorado. Kudos to Ozuna for grinding while on vacay. With that work ethic, it’s no surprise he made Time Magazine’s 100 List.  Yet, in this case applauso is also deserved for breaking from conventional norms of the reggaeton genre. The genre’s videos traditionally show the party – cars, women, champagne and other bling.  For this most recent track off of “Nibiru” Ozuna goes off the beaten path, both figuratively and literally.  The video simply follows the artist as he tackles the ski trails. One could mistake the single shot look to be guerilla style go-pro, but the video clearly has some well orchestrated cinematic shots as well. Peep the visuals here.

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