February 28, 2024

Honda Civic Concept
The Honda Civic has been around in some form or fashion since the 70’s. Its latest iteration brings some eye popping green. It definitely turned heads on the showroom floor, as the newly revealed concept is the sportiest Civic it has ever designed. But Honda has also enhanced the safety features. Honda says the next-gen Civic is set to feature a suite of safety and driver-assistive tech, including Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, Multi-Angle Rearview Camera and Adaptive Cruise Control.

Honda Lime Green car- A

Subaru STI BRZ Performance Concept
Subaru was quite mum about the details of the STI Performance Concept. After getting a look at the blue matte finish, wide body kits, single twin pipe exhaust, and massive black spoiler, we had all the details we needed.

STI Electric blue Performance car- 2- A

Toyota iRoad and FV2
Toyota brought a pair of technical innovations to the show this year. First up its i-Road, technically a three wheel electric car, but looks like motorcycle meets bobsled. Not currently for sale, but being tested in San Francisco, Japan and France. You turn with a steering wheel just like in a car, but the entire vehicle leans into each curve, just like on a motorcycle. The i-Road’s objective is to be an alternative, quicker, easier way to commute in car-congested cities, like the ones its being tested in.

Toyota iRoad car 2- A

Tron. Its what immediately came to mind when we saw the FV2 short for “Fun Vehicle 2”. With this concept car Toyota is seeking to create a physical and emotional connection between car and driver. How? By relying on the driver’s body movements to determine which direction to go and using voice and facial cues to sense the driver’s mood. Like one big mood ring, its exterior color changes. Oh yes, there is also no steering wheel, gas pedal or brake. Rather, the FV2 responds to a shift in body weight, so you have to lean in whatever direction you want to go, much like a Segway.

Toyota FV 2 Roadster- A

Toyota FV 2 Roadster- A2

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