Its Christmas in April for gear-heads. Because from April 3rd to the 12th the 2015 New York International Auto Show descends upon the Jacob Javits Center. ‘LLERO walked the floor of the show for an entire day and scoped out some of the most eye-catching models that had everyone snapping selfies along side them. We can definitely say that concept car and bright colors have definitely made a return to auto making. Read on to see the highlights. To attend the show, you can purchase tickets at

Aston Martin Vulcan
No it’s not a Star Trek inspired car, but if a car could fly, surely this one would. At 800-plus-horsepower, this V12 is a beast under the hood. The exterior is equally as impressive. The design follows the lines from Aston Martins of the last decade but puts a futuristic spin on them. Top it off with a massive black rear spoiler, and yes you are ready for warp speed.

Aston Martin Vulcan Car- 2- A

Dodge Viper SRT
Dodge presented a tricked out version of its Viper SRT. This one of a kind cavalcade of color was hand painted in Detroit. Duo-tone with neon green on one side and purple on the other. As one spectator put it, Dodge bedazzled the Viper!

Viper Purple & green car-A

Viper Purple & green car- A2

2016 Lincoln Continental Concept
The Lincoln Continental is back with some wow-factor technology in the form of electro chromatic glass that switches from clear to opaque without need of a sliding curtain. The design has also seen a makeover. Inside and out has been updated with a retro look, but also a split-wing grille giving a more Bentley-Jaguar-like look. We just wish the model were included!

Navy blue Cadillac- A

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