At a time when anti-immigration and protectionism positions in the U.S. are at levels not seen in decades, and with these positions focused largely upon Mexico, the country of Mexico has begun to take matters into its own hands. How? Taking a page from former First Lady Michelle Obama’s playbook – going high, when others go low and providing a message to Silicon Valley.

To be more specific, the courting of talent in Silicon Valley. Last Thursday, the Government of the State of Jalisco in Mexico took out a full page ad in Politico, setting the table for U.S. tech companies to come to the tech hub of Jalisco, which is known within the country as “Mexico’s Silicon Valley”.

U.S. companies are paying attention. This week, Jalisco’s governor Aristóteles Sandoval is traveling to California to meet with leaders from 13 major tech companies and 30 to 40 startups concerned about President Trump’s rhetoric and proposed policies. Sandoval told Foreign Policy Magazine, that there was already a “strong Californian presence” in Jalisco’s business hubs, and he was looking to boost it further.

In closing, Sandoval noted “We believe talent has no borders.”

For a look at Jalisco’s promotional video and the Open Letter in full, see below.

Open Letter to U.S. based Technology Companies, Entrepreneurs and Innovators

To our colleagues in U.S. tech companies who are adjusting to policy changes affecting your 85,000 foreign workers: the Mexican state of Jalisco hears you, understands your concerns and stands ready to work with you.

We fully acknowledge that great gains in the tech sector come at the hands of a bright, vibrant, diverse and skilled workforce. Restrictions on U.S. entry of the best and the brightest workers, threaten technological achievement in the U.S. and across the Americas.

Those on the frontlines of tech innovation must protect all that has enabled leaps in the industry’s achievements. Jalisco, Mexico’s leading technology hub, stands ready to welcome talent from around the world, and collaborate directly with you to ensure that this pathway to great technology gains, remains a hallmark of achievement of which the Americas can be proud.

We offer U.S. tech companies an opportunity to collaborate with other global tech companies already established in Jalisco, and forge partnerships that will flourish in our innovative ecosystem. We offer a state-of-the-art sanctuary for the brilliant minds that are essential to a vibrant technological future. We offer you and your colleagues this opportunity with no discrimination of origin, religion or legal status.

Jalisco was once only known as the birthplace of hot sauce and tequila. Today, it has become Latin America’s Silicon Valley, with a thriving technology industry worth $21 billion dollars. Jalisco is undergoing an economic revolution.

Jalisco’s population of eight million people boasts a range of cultures, religions, ethnicities and spoken languages. The State offers an enviable quality of life, in a community that is made even more rich thanks to the diversity of our people. Guadalajara, Jalisco’s state capital, is a business and tourism travel destination with direct flights that are a mere few hours from major U.S. tech hubs including San Jose, San Francisco and Austin.

The world’s technology giants know that to stay competitive, they must not only attract and retain the best talent, but also foster productive, innovative partnerships. We believe that a healthy economic and sustainable technological future requires us to expand our thinking and open doors. It also requires a workforce that brings cutting-edge ideas and skills to make visions a reality. Jalisco looks forward to supporting U.S. tech companies and forging prosperous and exciting business ventures together.

¡Los esperamos!

Government of the State of Jalisco, México

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