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He came. He saw. He got paid.  Floyd Mayweather that is. Prior to his exhibition bout with YouTuber Logan Paul, Mayweather touted the bout as a legalized bank robbery. He was correct.  Mayweather is reported to have cleared $50 million for the eight-round exhibition bout. A fight he stated in the post-fight press conference was a sparring session for him.


As for the fight itself. As many know, Logan Paul did indeed go the distance and even landed a few blows on Mayweather. Many observers had the more active Paul, winning the first two rounds. Yet, from the third round on Mayweather asserted control.  Walking the bigger Paul down.  As the fight wore on, Paul appeared to run out of gas, leaning on and holding Mayweather in order to survive. A consistent body attack by Mayweather certainly contributed to the fatigue. Conversely, as the fight wore on, the significantly older Mayweather seemed fresh, landing at will as it was target practice. He also, however, seemed to hold back. Making it entirely possible that he carried the YouTuber. Given that it was an exhibition, there were no official judges or result. But any boxing or combat purist. Heck, even the common fan knows Mayweather, while no longer in his prime, did not lose tonight.

In fact, if he did indeed net $50 million. He’s the biggest winner of the night.

Check out the highlights of Mayweather vs. Paul here.



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