Episode 2 of the new Mayans M.C. season starts where the premiere left off. EZ is breaking the news to Angel over everything he knows about the murder of their mother. Angel tells him “you’re not gonna let this go until its finished…and now, neither will I”. The brothers Reyes have clearly reconnected over the loss and now the revenge they both seek. Elsewhere in the Mayan’s universe others also continue to mourn loved ones. Mama Galindo, Dita, laments the loss of her husband and Felipe his wife. So opens “Xaman-Ek”.

Angel Is Gonna Be A Daddy

Cue to Angel who pays a visit to Adelita. She is lying low until the mercenary heat dies down. It doesn’t need saying, but it’s clear Adelita’s little bundle of joy is Angel’s. He confesses as much when he tells her he’d like to tell his folks he will soon be a father. They agree to wait until everyone is safe. Speaking of safe Adelita is concerned about Mini, her little field soldier. No sooner said than done, we see little Mini ditching her protective quarters at Los Olvidados. This can’t be good!

The Search For Mini

Mini’s protection detail soon discovers she went missing. And the search party begins. They better move quick, cause the mercenaries working with Potter and the Department of Justice are also in hot pursuit. As the Mayans canvass a local market they spot the mercs. By luck the Mayans find the little Mini first, hiding no less in the back of a truck under a tarp. They high tail it out with package in tow before the mercs are any the wiser.  Or so they think! Although the mercs did not locate the girl. They got a hot tip that the MC were also at the market and searching for her. Next step, track all the moves of the MC. They do so by placing a trackers on their vehicles.

Road Trip

Angel and EZ tell the club they have to settle some parole business up north in Stockton. But it’s really pretext to do further recon on Happy. Yet on Bishops orders a visit to the Stockton chapter will be required.  The two start their road trip when interrupted by another club that isn’t too friendly.  When confronted Angel colorfully utters “Think a vest and two wheels make you a club.” Subsequently pulling out his piece. Nuff said. Round 1 goes to Angel and EZ. Yet, I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of Ken & Barbie on wheels.

The brotherly bonding continues over an arcade trip which includes some ski ball and miniature golf as they compare notes about Felipe. It’s a nice light moment. But the lightness is short lived as Ken & Barbie’s crew roll up on them again. This time deep. Angel is quick on the trigger and puts two bullets in a nearby car. It gets them out of an ambush and more importantly the attention of the police.  As a chase ensues EZ & Angel have to show off them riding skills, as 5.0 begins to pursue both sets of bikers, Angel aptly notes to the rival MC, “it’s always patches over badges.” Code for the rival crew to fall back.  Whew! EZ & Angel finally make it to their first stop, the Stockton chapter of the MC. 

While On Prospect duty, EZ is confronted by a pair not so subtle racists, who ask if he is a Mexican rapist.  This show isn’t being subtle about working in the current political rhetoric! Mentored by a fellow Stockton member, EZ keeps his cool.

Back home, Dita ditches her son’s security detail and pays a visit to Felipe. Clearly the two have a long and deep history. They reconnect and catch up as Felipe drives her back to the Galindo compound. Upon arrival Dita provides proper cover up for the ride. But Angel and Emily smell something amiss. This will clearly develop throughout the season.

Back in Stockton, Angel and EZ are having a meal with the Stockton MC at a local taco truck before departing. When one of Stockton members goes to relieve himself in the woods, he stumbles upon the two local trouble makers that hassled EZ prior. They shoot him on site. As EZ and Angel tend to  him the scene ends with them looking at the blood on their hands.


Talk about cliffhangers. Looks like the stakes have been raised, yet again!


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