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ayans MC opens up right where it left off. The attempt on EZ’s life.  Gaby rushes him to the hospital after he’s been shot.

So, opens “You Can’t Pray A Lie”.

The Morning After

Cue to Bishop, who is asleep and dreaming – he finds himself on an empty road and discovers a car that has been in an accident. Inside the car, Bishop finds an overturned child’s car seat, though the vehicle’s occupants are nowhere to be found.  A nightmare that shows Bishop continues to struggle with the death of his son. He is then awakened to a call with the news of EZ. As he arrives at the hospital an irate Angel needs to be talked down as he beefs with the Stockton crew. It seems EZ’s attacker is also in the hospital and in pretty bad shape.

But there is good news, it turns out that while EZ has lost a lot of blood, the bullet went straight through. EZ is even awake, aware and ready to roll. Man talk about quick recovery!

Angel finally gets to see his baby brother and seems like he’s more distraught than EZ. Bishop wants EZ out of town for his own safety until things clear up and they can plot their next move. EZ wants to stand his ground – but Bishop makes it clear – “I’m not asking”.

As EZ and Gaby are about to hit the road, Emily drops by to check on EZ and discovers Gaby –it’s an important moment, because through three seasons Emily has always been able to fall back on to EZ – it’s clear with Gaby in the picture, it’s no longer the case.

Coco Land

Coco and his heroine muse, Hope are getting intimate, but it does not go well. As Coco isn’t physically up to the task. Hope immediately takes the blame for the mishap, but Coco comforts her. They share tender post-coital pillow talk.

Coco is spending more time at the compound and while he finds it a weird scene at first. Is actually starting to fit in.  Could Coco finally be finding the home he’s been searching for? Of course not, come on, this is Mayans.  Later in the evening the Svengali of camp meth, Isaac pays a visit to Coco. He attempts to shake him down for more product.  Fail to do so and he will harm Hop. This will not end well. But the big question is for who?

Road Trip

EZ follows Bishop’s orders’ and hightails it out of town. During a stop he calls Felipe to let him know he’s alright and not to worry. Felipe responds, “it’s my job to worry” and also inquires about Gaby’s welfare, which is a key moment, as it signals Felipe has welcomed her into the family.  EZ and Felipe seem to put the past coldness to the side and the two share a tender moment and acknowledgment of their love for one another.

As they continue on their road trip Gaby and EZ stop by a church. As Gabby changes his bandages, he shares with Gaby who Emily is.  Gaby indicates that she doesn’t really care, in fact she shares she doesn’t care about anything except EZ’s well-being.  That Gaby – she’s a good one.

As a final stop on their trip EZ takes Gaby somewhere she’s never been – to the coast – to see the ocean. As they settle in for the evening around a campfire. Gaby and EZ finally experience the intimacy they were unable to prior.

Cartel Problems

In what has to be worst news to bring to a boss, Alvarez updates Miguel Galindo about the hit on their product. Miguel indicates he will handle it and admonishes his about where his loyalties lie. Both men proceed to deal with the issue as they know best.

Alvarez pays a visit to Bishop.  Bishop queries Alvarez about why he’s got people posted on the Stockton crew at the hospital, since they are responsible for hitting EZ.  Alvarez in turn queries Bishop about the heroine. It then gets deeper and quickly. Bishop lays thick into Alvarez about how much he has sacrificed for the MC . But Alvarez gives as good as he gets warning Bishop not to forget who built the MC – to wit Bishop calls him out for hanging up his cut and no longer being Mayan.

Over in Mexico, Galindo pays a visit to his paramour, Montserrat Palomo who also happens to be the mayor. Questioning how his product could have mysteriously been hit. Warning her not to interfere with his business – even if they do share a bed. Palomo also gives as good as she gets and said her loyalty. is to her constituents – not criminals

We Are Going To War

We then cut to Bishop, who reunites with his ex, Antonia, as they visit the site of their sons’ death. She tells Bishop she is leaving Santo Padre to relocate to Scottsdale. Bishop doesn’t take the news well. Lashing out and telling her she should have been the one to die.  No rest for Bishop, after getting word that the Stockton members are leaving the hospital he gives Angel the order for revenge.

We cut to a car with to members from the Stockton chapter being tailed by Galindo’s men. Why? This isn’t clear to anyone yet. We then see Angel and another MC member roll up on them and take them out.

While on the beach with Gaby, EZ awakens to a text from Angel, it simply says “We are going to War”.

And so, ends, “You Can’t Pray A Lie” and this Mayans MC Recap!

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