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The following article contains spoilers for Mayans M.C. Season 3, Episode 8.

Mayans MC opens up right where episode seven left off. Letty finding Coco on the couch passed out and presumed dead.  As Letty tries to awaken Coco, Hope awakens too and reaches for a needle of Narcan to revive Coco, Letty fights her off and just then Coco awakens choking on his own vomit.

So, opens “A Mixed-up and Splendid Rescue”.

Signs of Life?

After an action-packed Episode 7, this episode focuses less on MC business and more on the personal lives of our favorite Santo Padre outlaws.

Over at the MC there are other forms of life. It seems like Tranq’s new love interest Stephanie aka Nails is pregnant. While the child is not Tranq’s, he is willing to step up to the plate. Tranq even lobbies his mom to get Nails invited to Thursday dinner.

Over the Reyes household, EZ and Gaby are playing house – and – irritating Felipe. Looks like they are planning a family brunch. Gaby has a surprise for EZ – she got accepted into nursing school. Which is all good, except it’s located in Lodi.

Brunch is ready to go. All that is left is Angel. He, however, is lamenting not being with his son and finds Adelita’s bloodied shirt. Certainly not putting Angel in a family mood, but he does make it to the festivities, albeit an hour late. As the brunch begins, EZ shares news of Gaby’s nursing school acceptance. Angel is not playing along and calls it out – “If you stay in Santo Padre there are no happy endings.” He sarcastically toasts a welcome as he pours a beer on the table and leaves.  So ends the Reyes household brunch.

Coco in Recovery Mode

As Coco is in recovery mode, Letty stops by his room for a talk. Coco comes clean, he needs help, but he doesn’t think he can do it alone. He says he needs Hope to help him.  A notion that does not amuse Letty one bit. She finds it ironic her name is Hope, since she nearly killed him.

Letty and Hope have a one on one. And Letty calls her out – “Do you love my Dad? Do you love him enough to get clean?”  Because Coco is all she has. Gotta love that Letty – she’s a true protector!

True to their word Hope and Coco begin their detox.  But when the going gets rough, Hope gets going. 

Galindo in Detective Mode

Over in cartel land seems like Miguel Galindo is showing signs of healing as he cleans out his mother’s bedroom. But one step forward, two steps back.  Miguel pays a visit to his former housekeeper, who apparently was close with his mother. He continues to dig, determined to find out if there was more to her death than meets the eye. Maria shares his mother was afraid of Emily, because she found out about Emily’s involvement with the Reyes family.  And that if anything were to ever happen to her, should Miguel ever ask, to let him know Emily was involved with the Reyes – and not in a good way.

Next stop is his muscle – Nestor.  He goes to inquire if he’s ever scene Emily with EZ or Felipe. Miguel believes she was killed, as the medical examiner revealed evidence of strangulation. Nestor confesses that the night they found his mother there were motorcycle tracks at the scene. Uh oh!

Mixed Up Endings

Angel remains in his drunken funk. As Gaby aptly noted, he is in a lot of pain. Angel makes a call to Nails for a booty call.  She reluctantly comes over – and tells him – she’s preggers.  Angel welcomes the news in a positive way. Perhaps there is hope!

Miguel returns home to Emily after his newfound knowledge, and they make love for the first time in a long time. Yet, it gets rougher than one may imagine, with Miguel practically choking Emily as they make love – ironic given his what he knows knows.  Emily however is hopelessly blind to it and believes they are closer now.

EZ and Gaby take a walk to post-mortem brunch, where EZ confesses he doesn’t want her to go, but he also knows she didn’t come to the U.S. to stay in Santo Padre, and he doesn’t want her to give up on her dreams because of him.

As EZ and Gaby make a stop at the ice cream shop Gaby gets harassed by a few locals. EZ is not having it and loses it, taking out both of her agitators, yet in the process he unwittingly injures Gaby.

The cops close in and put EZ in cuffs as a bloodied Gaby looks on.

And so, ends “A Mixed-up and Splendid Rescue”.

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