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Mayans MC opens up right where episode six left off. Angel and Gelly continuing their rampage against the Northern Cali Chapter. Their mission – find Ramos, President of the Stockton Chapter.

So, opens “What Comes from Handlin’ Snakeskin”.


Where Is Ramos?

Cue to Bishop, who is visiting/destroying a tattoo shop frequented by the Stockton crew. In search of, you guessed it…Ramos.  EZ returns to town from his road trip to find Angel and Gilly post beat down. EZ can’t keep the grin off his face and Angel teases him about Gabby. Bishop and the crew return from their tattoo parlor visit to reconvene. They got a tip from Tucson Mayans about Ramos. They agree to strategize and rest up.

Upon retiring for the night, Tranq gives Prospect Steve the biz, EZ goes all Master Yoda on Prospect Steve.  With words of “sacrificing for the greater good” are what club life is all about. We get to see a more human side of Steve as he reveals his motivation for wanting to be a part of the MC.

Coco Land

Coco returns home from the compound to a worried Letty. Coco is clearly the worse for ware and simply passes out upon his return.  When Coco awakens Letty is by his side and implores him to get clean.

Coco responds by putting Letty down in the worst possible way. Accusing her of being a whore and telling her “I didn’t ask for you”. But Letty gives as god as she gets, “I didn’t ask for you” either and wishes for him to overdose.

There Is Ramos

Back at the MC, the Oakland Chapter of the Mayans rolls up on Bishop and his crew with a message – Diaz, Chapter President tells Bishop to “go the fuck home”. Bishop says ain’t gonna happen.  Diaz reveals Ramos reached out and asked for his backing. He hasn’t provided it yet; but Oakland isn’t happy with being under the Galindo thumb. Bishop makes his case and agrees with Oak-Town. As long as they live off the Galindo trade, they won’t be a club. He lobbies Oakland to join him and bring the MC back to its glory. But first there has to be reckoning. Since Ramos ok’d clipping EZ, he’s got to go.  Oakland agrees and joins up with Santo Padre. 

Santo Padre and Oakland huddle up and wait for a fix on Ramos. As they wait EZ checks in Gaby and there is definitely a love connection. Angel checks in on baby brother to see if his head is in the game.  Because as Angel says, “being in two places at one time is a sure way to get you dead.”

Just then, the Stockton crew shows up and gets the drop on Santo Padre, and presumably Oakland. But not really, it looks like Santo Padre has been doubled crossed by Oakland who has actually teamed up with Ramos.  An all-out brawl ensues reminiscent of The Outsiders, Soc’s vs. Greasers rumble.  There are fisticuffs all around, Santo Padre is brawling it out with Stockton and Oakland. And there is collateral damage on both sides, with Prospect Steve getting the worst of it. Enough so that he pulls the piece Creeper gave him and shoots one of the Stockton Mayans.  Gunshots mean police, so both crews flee.

Post-Fight Analysis

As Santo Padre regroup, they realize it’s just a matter of time before the MC chapters pick sides. More importantly Ramos is still out there. How do they handle him? When EZ chimes in that he knows how.

Back at the scene of the crime the cops round up all the Mayans, Ramos gets some special treatment and is taken out of the lineup. A huge sign that Stockton owns the town and Ramos will go free. Or maybe not, as Ramos is being driven away by the cop presumed to be on the take, they pull over to the side of the road. Where EZ appears and shoots Ramos dead.  Looks likes the cop owed EZ a favor and had to pay his debt.

Coco’s Last Stand

Coco reconnects with Hope who pays a visit to inquire why he left the compound. Coco pleads with her that the place is crazy.  More importantly, Hope has brought Coco his latest hit. She helps to inject him, and they fall asleep in one another’s arms.

Hours later. Letty returns home to find Coco. He has overdosed.

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