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Mayans M.C. switches gears in Episode Three. Rather than focus on Mayan Civil War of the season opener, we see what has been going on in Cartel Land.  It seems not much has changed.  El Banquero, the leader of the Lobos Sonora Cartel, is threatening to torture two men over a stolen watch. In the end, El Banquero kills the man he believes to have stolen from him. From there, he has a confrontation with his sister, who is angry he won’t see his ailing mother and for trusting all his bank account information to a single accountant, Randall, on the run from the US Government. He claims he’ll handle things and have the Mayans M.C. help him take care of Randall. And so, opens “Self Portrait in Blue Bathroom”.

Domestic Un-Bliss

Over at the MC Nails is doing her best to make her and Angel a family, by cooking him breakfast. But Angel seems distant and not yet ready to play house. Meanwhile EZ isn’t faring any better with the newest addition of his family his dog Sally. Upon returning from his morning workout, he’s discovered his newfound friend has trashed his trailer. He attempts to take her back to the pound but reconsiders once talking to the vet tech Sophia.

Cue to Emily making what seems to be a bus ride out of town, but more on that later.

Back at the MC EZ finds his old mentor from prison JJ, has paid him a visit. They catch up, reminisce but tension is in the air. JJ is clearly not visiting just to say hello.  EZ senses there is more than meets the eye here. Perhaps JJ suspects the deal he cut with the Feds? This will surely develop.

Meanwhile Angel and Coco clearly have some beef. At least Coco does as he lets it out on Angel, accusing him of being selfish while he was going through his addiction. Hmmm interesting development, but not too much time to dwell. As club business awaits.


Past, Present & Future

Canche returns, greeted by Alvarez with open arms and a proposal.  A British businessman (i.e., Randall) who has been indicted requires safe passage over the border. If the Mayans handle this task it could better relations with El Banquero and mean more cash for the club. EZ volunteers for the assignment and Manny agrees to be his co-pilot dragging Angel along for the ride.  Bishop ain’t so happy about it and makes be known in a not-so-subtle way. But Alvarez clamps down on it with a quickness and strips him of his Vice-President patch.

Alvarez is not to be toyed with. He quickly throws the patch to EZ and proclaims, “the future of this club, it starts today!”. Whewwww, Esta Heavy! 


Post meeting, Canche and his fellow chapter members implore Alvarez to simply let Santo Padre die, that the chapter is tarnishing the MC and his legacy. Alvarez however is not ready to throw in the towel. He sees a future in Santo Padre with EZ and Manny at the helm.

Speaking of the future. EZ wastes no time in adjusting to the new role.  Literally sewing on the new title onto his tag. Angel and Manny soon join him and congrats on the bump when in comes a black SUV with a certain British businessman, tons of Louis Vuitton luggage and…. a kid. Very tough package to bring across the border.  So, it’s a no-go as far as EZ’s concerned, but Canche intervenes and says it’s a go.

Cue to Emily. Seems that bus trip Emily was taking was to see her sister Erin, who is looking after her son, Cristobal while Emily is in hiding.  Over dinner Erin implores to Emily that Cristobal needs Emily as she is his mother. Emily warns, not until she feels things are completely safe. She doesn’t know the lengths Miguel Galindo would go through to get his son back.  Before Emily returns home, she quizzes her sister on the escape plan. Emily is clearly thinking five steps ahead of any Miguel Galindo moves.

We also get our first look at Adelita this season. She is in New Mexico, presumably in search of her own son, who Potter told was indeed alive. Adelita is hot on the case. Locating the adopted parents place of work, car, and home address.  Don’t mess with a rebel.


Making Amends

Felipe pays a visit to Nails. He gifts her with some baby blankets, one made by his wife for Angel. Felipe and Nails do a little bonding over putting together the baby’s crib.

Speaking of sons. Hank pays a visit the family of Prospect Steve, who took his life last season after the first Mayan battle.

As EZ and the crew take Randall and his son Noah, across the border they encounter trouble, in a few forms. First in the van trip, we get the sense Randall has pedophile tendencies.  Then as they foot it across the desert, they hear gun fire. Likely, border patrol or another militia group entirely. Either way, it ain’t good. So, the group decide to park it until the threat passes. As they camp out Manny shares some wisdom with Angel about his impending fatherhood. “It’s like you’re wearing your heart on the outside of your body. Loving something that deep is terrifying. I didn’t become a man until I became a father.”

Manny then shares how Alvarez chose the MC over his family and even let one of the Sons of Anarchy, kill his son Esai when a deal went sideways. Turns out the Reaper that did the hit was Happy Lowman – small world!

This kicks off the typical episode-ending montage, checking in with characters like Alvarez, Emily, Prospects Steve’s family and Adelita all struggling with their losses.

We then cue back to the desert. Angel is awakened by a noise so leaves the group to investigate. He finds Randall attempting to rape his son Noah and shoots him dead. 

With El Banquero’s accountant now on ice, you just know this will not bode well for the Mayans.

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