It’s a quiet, yet ominous start for Mayans M.C., the brothers Reyes are chilling in the crib, Angel inspecting a cockroach – quite a symbol of the episode btw – when word comes down that Galindo has been held up at the border. Angel gets a minute with Bishop and the higher ups and makes a false confession about the tunnel they found. Angel is tripping about his confession when he gets a text from Adelita. He and EZ meet up with her for a short road trip, during which the brothers Reyes share a little family history. Unbeknownst to the brothers she’s playing them – but more on that later. Miguel’s still locked up, awoken to another inmate’s urine, he also has a cockroach cross his path as well. And so, begins Episode 7 – “Cucaracha/K’uruch”.

Family Ties

At the clubhouse the club is discussing Galindo’s current status, but also about a gun run. After business is conducted Coco makes a big reveal to the club – his daughter Letty. This eases the burden which Bishop had about Coco being the mole. So, he gives Coco the day off to chill with Letty.

But that is easier said than done for Coco. He takes Letty back to his mother’s place. They argue over food and her car. Coco tries to make peace by promising her another car, but she’s not satisfied. She doesn’t believe Coco cares about her and is just using her to take care of Letty. After his mom leaves the room, Coco hands Letty some cash for food and whatever she needs. When he takes off, his mom returns, grabs the money and suggests Letty get back on the street to earn her keep. Letty’s so upset she locks herself in the bathroom and bangs her head against the toilet, bloodying her face. This youngin’ has got a plan – and it ain’t gonna be good for Mama Coco.

Back at Felipe’s house, Adelita makes a surprise visit and downloads her backstory to Felipe: she’s Pedro’s former partner’s child. Felipe figures it out with a quickness telling her, “You think I sold your father out so you’re here to kill me.”

Aldelita shows Felipe a picture of her father and him together but it’s torn at the bottom. He wonders how she found him, and she admits it was through his sons who’ve been helping the rebels. She does, however, assure him his sons don’t know about his connection to her father.
Felipe cuts to the chase, asking what she wants. She explains that when she was six the Galindos tracked them down and killed her family. Galindo told her father he had been betrayed by a friend, someone who broke his sacred trust. So, she’s there to kill him, but Felipe has information she’s missing. Felipe goes on to explain her father remained in after he quit. His wife was pregnant with Angel, but her father was still single and continued to work for the cartel. Felipe claims he didn’t keep up with Pedro after he left that life.

Adelita wants to know who else would have been aware of Pedro’s whereabouts. Felipe believes it was the person who took the photo, the third member of their small group with whom they did everything together. The man’s name was Rodrigo and he’s a priest. He’s also the one who created Felipe’s new identity. It’s possible he did that for Pedro, too. Adelita realizes the sacred trust that was broken was broken by a priest. She asks to borrow the photo of the three friends and Felipe complies.

Business Ties

Back to club business, Frankie and EZ meet up with some of the Sons of Anarchy for that arms pick-up, when Jimenez calls and lets EZ know his deal has been pulled. He’s in the wind, but Jimenez isn’t giving up. He warns EZ to keep his distance from the club, as the Feds may easily drop dime on him. No sooner said than done. As EZ is making his way home Five-0 peeps him and the club for a pullover. Rather than risk being exposed or the club getting popped with guns, he diverts the cops on a chase. They catch up with him and he gets the beating of his life, but at least his cover isn’t blown. True to his word Jimenez gets EZ spared. He tails his boss and barges into the Fed’s war room and explains the latest intel EZ provided which gets EZ’s deal saved – for now!

Back in the clink Galindo is holding his own. When a tough guy tries to take him out – quite the opposite occurs. Miguel drops the bully like a bad habit. Damn…we didn’t know Miguel had it in him to do his own dirty work. Galindo is yanked from gen pop and summoned to a back room where none other than Adelita makes an appearance. She downloads the same backstory to Miguel. “So, this is revenge?” asks Miguel. “I know you want me dead, como un cucaracha!” Adelita replies. She further indicates that she doesn’t want revenge. She wants cooperation! And she’s gonna get it. She shows Galindo just how she can cripple his organization. But she’s not interested in taking him down, she posits, “See what I can do alone – well imagine what we can do together!”

Her proposal, let Los Olvidados over 2,000 strong and growing, to act as the cartel’s eyes and ears in return for a portion of profits which are distributed to those in need. Adelita tells Miguel to think on it. By the look on his face he intends to! Miguel is sprung shortly thereafter and returns home with son in tow. Before Miguel can enjoy just one night with his reunited family, the DEA comes a knocking and raids the house.

Back at the clubhouse EZ explains his actions to the club and how the goal was to save them. While Bishop is impressed he warns the Prospect one more rogue act and he’s out. Now beat it.

As EZ is now on clean up detail, Letty arrives clearly beaten and bruised (although self-inflicted). She claims her grandmother almost killed her. Coco sees his daughter and heads out. Coco breaks down his mother’s door. She’s able to get up and grab a knife but believes she’s safe when she sees it’s Coco. Coco punches her in the face, knocking her back into the tub. She threatens to call the cops and end him, but Coco finishes her off by holding her head underwater as she struggles for breath.

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