August 16, 2022

5. Confidence is key

A major reason women find James Bond irresistible is because he knows he’s “that” dude and not only does he know it, he exudes it through his pours with his mannerisms, ways and actions. Timid guys have to learn how to be confident without coming off as cocky or plain and simply, an asshole that tries too hard. Learn how to seem like you have everything going on in life even though you may live with mommy and be thousands of dollars in debt. Fake it till you make it… into the drawers. But a word of advice, don’t go to the club and try to make it rain when in reality you should be using that money to pay your water bill.

Daniel Craig

Image credits:
Gold woman- Metro Golden Mayer/United Artists
Daniel Craig- Sony Pictures/Metro Golden Mayer
Halle Berry- Sony Pictures/Metro Golden Mayer


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