Finding a funny girl can seem like you’ve hit the motherlode. Finding someone on our wavelength and shares our sense of humor appears to be a rarity in this world. And even before the first date, you get a good feeling about this person. There is that little voice inside of you says “don’t mess this up!” Living together, laughing together, and all of those great little things in life appear to be difficult now. So what can you do to nurture humor in a long term relationship? The answer is all about sowing the seeds in those early days. How can we cultivate a funny relationship, and is it really essential?

Sizing Up Their Appreciation 

As easy as it can be to flaunt your dating prowess by taking them to some big event. When you take them to a comedy night, whether it’s on a small scale or large-scale. It gives you that opportunity to see what their true appreciation for comedy really is. So many girls say that they like funny stuff, but when it boils down to it, this is purely a handful of Jim Carrey movies, and that’s it! Perhaps you should take them to the Borgata venue to see Trevor Noah, Norm Macdonald, or even Chevy Chase. A vast smorgasbord of comedy heritage. Because, after all, if they haven’t seen Caddyshack, do they really appreciate comedy?

To Improv Or Not To Improv?

Be careful with this one, because if you head to an improv night, sometimes it can be the funniest thing you’ve ever been to. But some nights can be the most cringeworthy experience. Taking someone to an improv night as a date isn’t really recommended unless you know that they’ve got a great sense of humor. And yes, a great sense of humor is one of those subjective terms. However, you can really put them to the test by taking them to an improv night. Some people don’t care for improv comedy because it’s just too niche. Yet, if you want to put your first few dates to the test, give it a go.

Watch A Comedy Classic

Everyone has their own opinions of the comedy classics, and although not everybody appreciates Duck Soup, if you’re looking for a date idea that doesn’t involve much in the way of money, settle down with a beloved Will Ferrell vehicle, and just laugh your asses off for a few hours! The thing about a comedy classic is that it seems to transcend the ages, and while there are accepted classics, from Annie Hall to This Is Spinal Tap, sometimes doubt can creep in as to whether they even find these things funny…

What If You’ve Got Different Senses Of Humor?

Is this a bad thing? If you are diametrically opposed in terms of styles, perhaps it’s time to open up to a wider world? Comedy is one of those great forms of high and low art. From fart gags to Oscar Wilde, and if you want to, try and combine both! And as you may have a penchant for toilet humor, but they like the works of Joe Orton, you can certainly meet somewhere in the middle! Use this as a starting point. Relationships are all about compromise, and if you think that a relationship founded on shared interests will start to taper off after a while, perhaps you both need to dip a toe into each other’s worlds. Compromise is everything in a relationship, even when it comes to comedy.

Not Basing The Entire Relationship On Comedy Interests

The fact of the matter is when we are young and green, we think that the person that’s perfect for us is one that shares our tastes. Even if you know someone that loves The Young Ones, and no one else does, temptation can be to fixate on this person. And in a subconscious way, we try to make it work. But the fact of the matter is a relationship isn’t just about popular culture. They can certainly provide a foundation, such as shared interests. But as life goes on, and our relationship takes new and exciting terms, we realize it’s not about all the shared interests. But laughter is one of the foundations of a relationship, and if you remember to have a laugh, rather than focusing on comedy in a snobby sense, you can get the most out of the relationship.

Shared Interests And Different Ones

After a while, a relationship goes beyond the honeymoon period, where you settle down to watch TV all night, and enjoy cuddles. You’ve got to think back to the early days when you worked to show your comedy prowess, was it even necessary? A relationship with a girl that has an amazing sense of humor, it can feel like we’ve hit gold, but a sense of humor isn’t everything. When we are on the lookout for the one, and we have very high standards, and we think that we need someone to match our interests, when in fact it’s about having different ones that help bring people back together. Couples don’t need to do everything together, and if you think that you to force your love of niche comedy onto this girl, you’ll have bigger fish to fry soon enough.

Laughter is a wonderful medicine, and this is something that can cement a relationship. When you’re trying to find the one, a sense of humor is crucial. While it’s important, you have to remember that you can’t build an entire relationship on comedy, can you? When you go through difficult times, as everybody does, a good laugh can be the perfect medicine. It seems that so many people now focus on having things in common as the only way to cement a relationship. This is not the case. So when you find that girl, and she seems really funny, it’s important to dig deeper. A shared sense of humor is a wonderful thing, but it can’t be the foundation of a relationship. By all means, you can start to test the waters and see during those early dates what their sense of humor is like, but remember, a relationship is about the long haul.

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