To commemorate Men’s Health Month 2014, ‘LLERO presents a three-part series commenting on Mind, Body & Soul. In this second installment we look at a simple yet effective way to improve overall cardio health – the jump rope?

Some of you may remember the old Will Smith classic “Summertime”. In the song Mr. Smith rhymes “all the kids playing out front, little boys messing around with the girls playing double dutch.” What if I were to tell you that those little girls may be considered ahead of their time? Or at the very least on to something as far as maintaining cardio-vascular health. Today with a plethora of sports apparel, workout and diet fads thrown at you, the simple, yet effective jump-rope is proving to be more effective than some expensive equipment or gym memberships. Check out our video tutorial on some basic moves and benefits

Form and the Basic Jump

Before getting to it you should understand the fundamentals of form, cadence and basic jump. Shaun T shows you how below.

Want to Amp Up the Complexity

Our friends at Built Lean offer up six additional jump rope moves to spice up your routine.

For Those Looking for More Advanced

Try the double under. Check out the video below and you’ll start to hear the Rocky theme playing in your head.

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