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As we’ve written about prior, not everyone is cut out for or desires like behind a desk. There are many other ways to make a living.  Music is certainly one of them. There is something so fun about being in a band, and while it starts as a fun hobby for many people, over time, it can turn into something more serious. Most of the time, the drive to tour comes from a passion for what you do. There is room for all types of music, and for the most part, it is possible to tour with a band without too much trouble.

Ahead of setting out on the road, though, it is important to consider a few of the practical things. 

Manager… or not?

There are a few people that you are likely to need along the way when you decide that you want to tour. A manager, or at the very least someone who doesn’t mind making calls to a lot of venues, is a must. Getting someone else to do it takes the pressure off one of the bands to do it. 

When booking, see if gig swapping is possible or if there are other bands you know that have gigs coming up for which you can be the warm-up act. It can take a lot of the hassle out of trying to book a whole tour for the first time. 

Action the Fans

Even if you have ten fans in total, those ten fans can be highly useful and incredibly helpful. Most bands started to gain visibility and popularity thanks to their street team. An army of fans who are posting on social media, taking to the local venues, handing out flyers, and even requesting your band to play there can be a catalyst for getting bookings you haven’t had to chase. 


You and the whole band will need to get to each venue, and for many bands, buying a van for the purpose doesn’t always work out. So you may have to work out travel arrangements between everyone and see what is most cost-effective. Most of the time, staying in hotels is a cost that can’t really be covered either. 


Before securing or agreeing to any slots, make sure to check which instruments are provided. Most of the time, the drumkit will be there as standard – but failing to check what you need to take, instrument rental options, and what you need to bring.

Lugging all of the instruments along isn’t always ideal for travel, so reach out to other bands in the area and see if you can borrow extras that you need in exchange for some tickets. Make sure to return the favour if and when they tour near you. 


Are you guaranteed to sell your merch at the shows? No. But would you kick yourself if you didn’t have some when someone asked? Absolutely. Get a few t-shirts, hoodies, and smaller merch items together to sell. The good thing about merch is it isn’t going to go out of date, so it’s a one-time cost, and you can make some cash on it. 

For those who are dreaming of superstardom and the big stage, it all starts with the first note: Why Learning an Instrument is Good for Your Health| ‘LLERO

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