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Since Covid-19 started tearing through the world, governments and countries across the globe have been asking their citizens to maintain strict social distancing with the people around them. This can mean staying more than a couple of meters apart, wearing gloves and masks, and keeping your time with others outdoors.

Of course, though, while it makes sense to take this sort of action in the face of an outbreak, a lot of people are already finding themselves feeling trapped by this virus. To help you out with this, we are exploring some of the best activities to enjoy while you maintain a safe distance from others.


RC & Drone Flying

Going out to somewhere remote and flying a drone can be an exciting experience, even if you’re doing it alone. When taking part in an activity like this with others, you can easily avoid contact by staying far enough apart. You also can have your own remote controls for the craft you’re using. Websites like DrDrone sell a huge range of different drones and other RC products, giving you access to everything you need in one place. You’ll need to find someone else who is interested in this, but it will provide a safe way to enjoy the sunshine once you do.



Few things are more satisfying than taking and sharing photographs. This can offer a great activity for those who don’t want to risk getting too close to one another. Much like flying a drone, you can enjoy photography in remote places without having to be close to other people. Yet you can still benefit from making the most of the sunshine and spending time with others. Sharing your photos can be done online. You can even go out and take photos at the same time as others in different locations. As result, making the activity even safer.



While it might be a little hard to have a deep conversation when you’re on a bike, this sort of activity can be great when you’re feeling cooped up. You can travel for miles without having to come into close contact with other people. But also being able to enjoy the sunshine and keep yourself from becoming unfit. More and more people are going to be taking to activities like this while social distancing measures are in place. This will give you plenty of people to cycle with. Even if you don’t know anyone else who enjoys this sort of activity. This can be ideal for families who want to get their children out while schools are closed.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to get out and enjoy yourself while social distancing rules are in place. A lot of people are struggling with this as the moment. It also doesn’t seem as though things are likely to settle down. Of course, though, you have to take your government’s advice seriously. Even if it makes you feel like you’re stuck inside.

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